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Firewire Fire API
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FireAPI The IEEE-1394 Development Toolkit

FireAPI Development Toolkit provides software developers with all the tools they need for developing and debugging any 1394 application in the Windows environment. It enables developers to implement 1394 applications without being concerned about the underlined details of the lower level 1394 stack. 

Unibrain's FireAPI provides the application development community with a simplified higher level of abstraction that remains consistent over time, not dependent on the hardware nor the operating system. As a result, developers can maintain the highest level of productivity over generations of products that contain different 1394 hardware revisions. Development teams that utilize a diverse set of operating systems continue to produce without starting from scratch.
The FireAPIT Development toolkit is based on Unibrain's 1394 Core Technology (ubCoreT), the next generation of our innovative 1394 driver suite for Windows NT4/98SE/Me/2000/XP. Moreover ubCoreT is the only 1394 stack that supports all the current 1394 to PCI hardware platforms (TI's PCILynx, any OHCI compatible chip) and the new generation IC's (800Mbps 1394b).
Unibrain's ubCoreT is a set of low-level drivers with a top-down layered structure that provides the physical interface to all your IEEE 1394 devices. It is the only existing 1394 software platform for the Windows NT 4.0 environment, while for the Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, it is a an alternative to the Microsoft 1394 stack. 

Unibrain works very closely with the OEM. This is emphasized in the FireAPIT architecture that provides our OEM's with the capability of integrating our solution into their systems, and adds value by developing Input and Output Plug-Ins and/or other system hardware/software components. Unibrain is the only company in the 1394 market that offers not only a great variety of products but constant and continuous support.

The package contains:

  • Two FireBoardT400
  • Two IEEE-1394 4.5m cables
  • FireAPI Software:
  • ubCoreT (Unibrain's 1394 core technology)
  • FireCommanderT (1394 Command Interpreter Utility)
  • FireNetNT4T (1394 Networking driver for Windows NT4.0 ONLY)
  • Fire-iT (1394 amera control & display utility)
  • Documentation (more than 600 pages with flowcharts,diagrams and examples)
  • Sample Source Code of drivers using the 1394 Class Driver Kernel Mode
  • Interface performing asynchronous and isochronous operations
  • Sample Source Code of applications using the 1394 ClassDriver User Mode Interface performing asynchronous and isochronous operations

OS Supported
Windows NT4/98SE/Me/2000/XP

Boards Supported
Operates only with Unibrain's FireBoard400, FireBoard400-OHCI and FireCompact400.


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