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Firewire Networking
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Use the FireNet software to network two or more computers together via their 1394 ports

The FireNet installation
Installing and using the FireNet network is easy and convenient. You simply plug the Firewire cable and do a simple one-time software installation. FireNet is a system-independent, software only product that gives you full Ethernet compatibility with up to 400Mbps speeds. You will now have the equivalent of a 100Mbps Ethernet network, only better, as speed is up to 4 times higher, and more reliable.

OS Support
FireNet is a full Ethernet emulation network and works seamlessly with all existing Ethernet-compatible software and hardware. FireNet supports all of the standard Ethernet protocols, including IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, TCP/IP, and AppleTalk. FireNet is a cross-platform networking solution, meaning that it supports both Windows and Macintosh OS, operating smoothly regardless of the platform(s) in use. Of course, mixed (PC and MAC) networks are fully supported:

No new interface to learn
Firenet uses the existing, familiar interfaces on Windows and Macintosh platforms in such a way that users who are already familiar with the environment proceed as if nothing has changed. FireNet supports all of the built-in networking capabilities on both Mac's and PC's. Users can share files, printers, scanners, hard disk drives, and use the network security system and any other supported network facilities.

High performance - Low cost
Running at 400Mbps FireNet provides an up to four times performance improvement over 100BaseT fast Ethernet. With FireNet, users do NOT have to purchase, install, and configure network cards (as long as they have a firewire port available) in their workstations. As a result they end up saving time and money. Further, no hubs of any sort are necessary.

FireNet Benchmarking results
After careful testing with Ziff Davis's Windows NetBenchT under various conditions of load, Unibrain is proud to announce that FireNetT is consistently far faster than 100BaseT Ethernet.

Broad support
Undoubtedly, Firewire (IEEE-1394, i.Link) is the serial link of the future. Major manufacturers like Apple, Sony, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, HP, etc. have already built in a firewire port in their consumer or PC products. It is estimated that in the year 2001 more than 70,000,000 units of PC and peripheral units adopted the firewire technology.

FireNet does NOT use hubs, or routers. It does not require complicated cabling, and does not require complex installations. On the firewire bus you may also connect any IEEE-1394 multimedia devices (such as DV cameras, firewire hard disk drives, IEEE-1394 enabled scanners, etc.) without affecting the stability of the network, and operate them directly from any workstation on the network bus.

Firenet can coexist with Ethernet
Firenet can be installed in an existing Ethernet infrastructure without a problem. 
Simply install the FireNet software in a server which has both an Ethernet adapter and a 1394 port and which will play the role of the bridging device that will connect the two segments of the LAN, thus creating a single logical network.The 1394 segment can be used for high speed/load connections without affecting the Ethernet segment speed. 
This capability is not inherent in the MacOS. In case you want to connect a 1394 Firenet network to an existing Ethernet network, you will have to use a 3rd party solution, like Sustainable Softworks IPNetRouter software.

FireNet is an ideal network for SOHO installations, and for laptop to desktop connections. The user can easily plug the PC laptop (or PowerBook) into the network, simply connecting it into any available Firewire port. With no special operations, instant updates, and file sharing from any computer in the network become available. 

FireNet is an ideal solution for networks that need to take advantage of the 400Mbps transfer rate with the stability and flexibility it can provide. There are three strong reasons why Multimedia (Audio-Video Editing) and Graphics houses / CAD houses can benefit greatly from the unique FireNet solution:
First, because of the vast amount of data being transferred; second, convenience in dealing with the complicated hardware installations - peripherals that are plugged in and out frequently; and third, because of the mixed platforms normally in use for cost/performance reasons.


FireNet Ver. OS Supported Boards Supported
FireNetNT4 Windows NT 4.0
FireBoard 400
FireNet 2.2 Station
Any 1394 OHCI board or PC with 1394 support built-in (like the SONY Vaio's)
FireNet 2.2
2000 Server
Any 1394 OHCI board or PC with 1394 support built-in (like SONY Vaio's)
FireNet 2.0 

OS 9.x 

Any 1394 OHCI board or Mac with built-in 1394 support (G3's, G4's, etc).
FireNet 1.0 
OS 10.x  Any 1394 OHCI board or Mac with built-in 1394 support (G3's, G4's, etc).


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