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Fire Wire Products
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Fire Wire product - FireNet
FireWire repeatersFire Wire cables
Repeaters and Cables
Fire Wire product - FireAPI
Fire API
Fire Wire  Storage
Fire Wire product -  FireNas 1RU
Fire Wire product - FireNAS Portable
FireNAS Portable

Fire Wire has proven to be a flexible medium for vision applications; by fully utilising the Fire Wire (IEEE-1394) standard for Machine Vision it is possible to have high speed applications up and running with relatively low cost and easy installation. Fire Wire IEEE 1394b offers even greater flexibility for industrial and scientific vision applications as it provides longer transmission distances with higher transfer speeds.

Fire Wire can be easily utilised in your vision application, so contact one of our specialist vision engineers and start developing your application today.




FireNet is a full Ethernet emulation network and works seamlessly with all existing Ethernet-compatible software and hardware at speeds up to 400Mbps. Installation is as simple as plugging in the Fire Wire cable and performing a simple software installation.



Fire Wire Storage


The Fire120 Fire Wire External Storage is the fast, easy way to add storage to your PC or Mac. With data transfer rates up to 30 times faster than USB and up to 120Gb storage capacity, the Fire Wire External Storage solution is perfect for today’s storage-hungry applications.



Fire API


FireAPI™ Development Toolkit provides software developers with all the tools they need for developing and debugging any Fire Wire 1394 application in the Windows environment. It enables developers to implement Fire Wire 1394 applications without being concerned about the underlined details of the lower level Fire Wire 1394 stack.



FireNAS Portable


Unibrain's FireNAS combines superior performance with plug-and-play simplicity and manageability to deliver optimized attached storage functionality and productivity. With 480 Gb of network storage and 1500 Mbps total networking throughput, Unibrain's FireNAS is an extremely efficient, robust and cost-effective solution to network storage.





Building on the strengths of FireNAS Portable, the FireNAS 1RU contains 800GB of storage in one rack unit.



Fire Wire Repeaters & Cables


Fire Wire cables are used to transmit data up to 800Mbps at high speeds. Fire Wire Repeaters extend cable lengths, reinforce power and fully supports gigabit signaling rates.




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