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Nautilus industrial camera enclosures
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When filiming underwater, the challenge is to ensure the protection of the camera against water seepage and Autovimation has responded to the challenge by re-designing their Nautilus underwater enclosure by providing two water-tight seals rather than the previous one.

By double-sealing every critical component like enclosure lids, front window or cable gland means even if one seal fails, the camera is still reliably protected for up to 10 hours and at 10 metres depth.

Originally developed for under-water TV productions, the redesigned enclosure's conduit system protects the critical cable entry point from leaks by shielding the cables completely from the water. This way standard cables can be used. The cable exit on the other side of the tube is also sealed water tight in order to prevent any water entry from this point, double O-ring seals ensuring absolute water-tightness. The protective metal hose with a PVC coating and suitable cable glands ensures that the cable and cable exits are safely sealed against the incursion of chlorinated or sea water.

Easy to assemble
The protective unit has been designed for non-technical staff in swimming pool or TV-production environments to assemble without tools and without special training.

Key features
IP68 protection for under water use of up to 12 hours down to 10m depth in pool or sea water environments
Robust built aluminium extrusion profile with end faces anodised for extra corrosion protection
Small form factor – for cameras with up to 60x60mm cross section.
Sufficient space for cameras and lenses: internal length: 172mm, internal diameter 85mm
All seal elements like enclosure lids, front window and the cable gland are fitted with 2 sealing mechanisms (i.e. double O-rings), providing extra safety
Water tight with any cable: Protective metal conduit with robust PVC sheathing protects the cables from water and eliminates the risk of an exposed cable entry
Flexible camera positioning (angle and position)
Dovetail profiles enable robust enclosure mounting on all 4 sides along the entire profile.
Assembly of ring lights with up to 78mm Ø directly into 3" front lid possible.
Compatible with a large range of accessories: various mounting and adjustment brackets, positioning ring for simple camera replacement
High chemical resistance by using EPDM O-Rings, a Polyurethane cable gland seal and a PVC tube sheathing
Vibration proof camera mounting with good heat dissipation with autoVimation's patented Quick-Lock / Heat-Guide mounting system
Quick specs
Degree of protection
IP66 protection from high pressure water jet
Max. camera size: up to 60 x 60mm cross section internal tube diameter: 16mm Ø
Enclosure: anodised aluminium (including end faces)
IP68 protection from continuous submersion in water***
Nautilus length: 226, 172 (overall, internal)
Cable gland enclosure: V4A high-grade stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance
max water depth: down to 10m
Window aperture -Ø with 3" window: 65mm Ø
Window: BK7, broadband anti-reflective coating both sides
max. duration: up to 10 hours
Maximum lens diameter up to 85mm
Window seal: EPDM. Enclosure seal: EPDM. Cable gland seal: Polyurethane
Protective tube sheathing: PVC
*** IP68 only if assembly and operation instructions are followed carefully
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