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PTU-D100E-EX model overview
The PTU-D100EX E-Series is a high-performance real-time positioning system for payloads up to 11.3 kg. with a higher ratio tilt gearing to provide support for larger top-mounted payloads offering very high precision positioning and speed control. The stepper motor/worm gear design supports micro-stepping and is based on a rigid bearing and mechanical design to ensure solid repeatable motion. The unit is highly programmable with user parameters for range of motion, speed, acceleration, power consumption and more. The real-time command interface supports advanced applications such as video tracking. The low-parts count and highly- integrated design provides unsurpassed system reliability.

The PTU-D100EX E Series supports any type of single or multi-part payload through a flexible bracketing system of top and/or side mounting and has been designed to be simple to integrate with an open platform that provides flexibility while minimizing development and integration effort.

The PTU-D100EX E Series has been proven in a wide range of mission-critical applications for positioning of cameras, lasers, antennas, or other instruments in both fixed and mobile environments. It is designed for high duty cycles and reliable operation in harsh all-weather environments.

Key features - PTU-D100E- EX  
• Extremely precise positioning (to 0.0075 deg with microstep)
• Wide range of pan speeds 0.0075°/sec to 120° for smooth, precise control
• 360-continuous pan (with slip-ring option)
• Precise, real-time control of position, speed and acceleration
• Rigid worm gear design (no belts/pulleys) provides steady positioning in windy environments
• Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle-mounted applications
• Single connector for power, control, payload signals
• Fully sealed for outdoor/marine applications (IP67)
• Wide-range DC power input (12VDC to 30VDC) with battery-friendly power controls
• Multiple control interfaces: RS-232/485/422 and Ethernet

Maximum Rated Payload 11.3 kg
Payload mounting Single/dual-side, top
Pan speed range 0.0075º/second (min); 120º/second
Tilt speed range .0075º/second (min); 50º/second (max)
Tilt Range (approx) +30º to -90º from level (120º range) (up to +/-90 with side mount)
Pan position resolution 0.0075º (with microstep)
Tilt position resolution 0.0075º (with microstep)
Pan range (approx) Programmable up to +/- 175° or 360° continuous (option)
Input Voltage Unregulated 12-30 VDC (fastest performance & torque @ 30 VDC)
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions Pan/Tilt Only: 31.9 cm (h) × 20.1 cm (w) × 21.1cm (d) (without bracket)
Environmental IP67; RoHS Compliant; Sustained exposure to blowing dust/sand
Operating temperatures -30ºC to 70ºC(no heaters)

PTU-D100E-EX data sheet




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