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PTU-D300E-standard model
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D300 E-Series: General overview
The PTU-D300 E-Series extreme-duty computer-controlled pan-tilt is designed for precise placement of payloads to 31.7 kg.and offers an off-the-shelf solution for positioning cameras, lasers, antennas, or other heavy payloads for both fixed and mobile applications. Included, is an integrated slip-ring for continuous pan-rotation applications.

The E Series models offer integral Ethernet/web interface, programmable ranges of motion, and improved motion control fidelity. The controller is fully integrated and a single mil-style connector provides power and pan-tilt control, as well as payload signal management (optional). Integrated flex-circuitry absorbs tilt motion for all internal wiring to provide long life over high-duty cycles.

The built-in command set offers both ASCII and binary formats and supports real-time control at very high command rates with very low and predictable latencies. The rich command set provides fine-grained control of position (absolute and relative), velocity, acceleration and other unit functions. The optional Geo-Pointing Module also provides an Ethernet/IP interface for control of the pan-tilt units.

Summary of features
• Complete and proven control interface. Flexible mounting for single and multi-part payloads; Built-in RS-232/485
• Proven system component; headroom for broad feature set
• High level, full-featured real-time command protocol
• Low-cost, off-the-shelf solution readily available; Fast integration with other system elements
• Compact, rugged design; Supports 100% duty cycles
• Fully sealed, weatherized design (IP67); Wide temperature ranges
Image right: two-camera set up using side mounts

Included among the many benefits to OEMs and systems integrators are:
Reduce development/integration time
Minimize technical risk
Speed time to market
Lower cost of operation
Reliable all-weather operation

TU-D300E standard model overview
Excellent system reliability through low parts count and highly integrated design
The PTU-D300 E-Series is a precision pan-tilt designed for extreme performance on demanding applications. It provides high-speed, accurate positioning of camera, laser, antenna, or other payloads up to 31.7 kg or more and features a integrated Ethernet, programmable ranges of motion, and enhanced motion control

The PTU-D300 E-Series pan/tilt offers very high precision positioning and speed control. The stepper motor/worm gear design supports microstepping and is based on a rigid bearing and mechanical design to ensure solid repeatable motion. The unit is highly programmable with user parameters for range of motion, speed, acceleration, power consumption and more. Real-time
command interface supports advanced applications such as video tracking.

The PTU-D300 E Series includes a fully integrated controller with single weatherized connection for outdoor fixed and mobile applications. The Side Mount model features a modular payload hub that allows simple "L" brackets to be mounted on the side and/or top. The dual-side mount configuration includes a top mount plate, and allows "L" brackets on either or both sides. The modular hub adapts easily to customer OEM brackets and payloads.

Key features - PTU-D300E- standard model  
• Wide range of pan speeds 0.0064°/sec to 100° for smooth, precise control
• Extremely precise positioning (to 0.00645º with microstep)
• 360-continuous pan (with slip-ring option)
• Precise, real-time control of position, speed and acceleration
• Rigid worm gear design (no belts/pulleys) provides steady positioning in windy environments
• Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle-mounted applications
• Single connector for power, control, payload signals
• Flexible payload mounting (to or sides)
• Fully sealed for outdoor/marine applications (IP67)
• Wide temperature range with no heater required
• Wide-range DC power input (12VDC to 30VDC) with battery-friendly power controls
• Precise digital encoders
• Multiple control interfaces: RS-232/485/422 and Ethernet
• Multiple protocol command interface: FLIR-MCS, Nexus, Pelco-D

PTU-D300E - standard model
Pan/tilt performance (standard)  
Maximum payload* 31.7 kg side mount; 15.8 kg top mount
Maximum speed** 50°/second (both side and top mount)
* Over-the-top payload assumes COG 15.2 cm from tilt axis; over the side payload assumes balanced COG.
** Maximum speed may depend on exact payload inertia and input voltage.
Pan/tilt performance (high-speed pan)
Maximum payload 15.8 kg side mount; 7.9 kg top mount
Maximum pan speed 100°/second (both side and top mount)
Maximum tilt speed 50°/second (both side and top mount
Input Voltage Unregulated 12-30 VDC (fastest performance & torque @ 30 VDC)
Payload mounting Side-mount, top-mount, dual-side+top mount
Pan speed range min .0064°/second
Tilt speed range min .0064°/second
Tilt Range (approx) Programmable from +30° to -90° from upright (120° range) (up to +/-90° with single side mount)
Pan range (approx) Programmable up to 360° continuous
Tilt position resolution .0064° (with microstepping)
Pan position resolution .0064° (with microstepping)
Acceleration/Deceleration Programmable, on-the-fly speed and position changes
Weight 11.8 kg (Standard bracket: .5 kg)
Dimensions Pan/Tilt Only: 33 cm (h) × 18 cm (w) ×21.7 (d) (without brackets)
Operating temperatures -30°C to 70°C (no heaters)
Environmental Designed to IP67; RoHS Compliant

PTU-D300E -standard model data sheet




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