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The CS45, along with its state of the art damping system, provides increased reliability over other designs of its type. In addition, the system provides the reliable actuator system found in all other UNIBLITZ shutter designs allowing it to be driven with our existing VMM drive units. As an option, the shutter can be equipped the electronic synchronization system.

When gating high intensity light sources, the CS45 can be equipped with polished stainless steel reflective blades. This option protects the shutter blades from the light source's damaging effects by reflecting the energy away from the blade surface. Look for future availability of "Z" (AlSiO) and "ZM" (AlMgF2) coated blades in this device.

To further enhance the flexibility of the CS series, we offer an optional #17 mount for adapting the shutter into video applications. In addition, we offer a #125 Camelia adapter to adapt the CS45 shutter (configured with the #17 mount) specifically to this camera type. (Please review the new "LVDS" adapter data sheet, this new product is also available for use in these applications.) For non-specific mounting installations, the #101 mounting ring can be used for universal mounting into many applications. Additional information regarding the #101 ring can be found in the specific data sheets entitled "MICROSCOPE, VIDEO, or UNIVERSAL MOUNTING SYSTEMS".

  • Small form factor, a 45 mm aperture fits into a 4-inch diameter housing!
  • Multi-bladed design in combination with the UNIBLITZ actuator provide increased speed over other designs of this type.
  • State of the art damping system for increased reliability and speed.
  • Opening time exceeds that of the VS45!
  • Reflective blades available as with Vincent LS and VS series.
  • Can be driven with our existing VMM drive units. Special driver not required.
  • Available housed or un-housed for OEM applications.
  • Mounting adapters available for "F" mounts (i.e. the #17 mount) and when configured with a #17 mount the CS45 is adaptable to the Camelia camera utilizing the new #125 camera adapter.
  • Electronic Synchronization System option available.
  • Exposure repetition rates from DC to 15 Hz.
  • Design, accuracy, and reliability that you have come to know as with all other UNIBLITZ products!
  • Can be configured normally open.
Model Model CS45
Coil Resistance 12 ohms
Pulse Voltage to Open +70VDC
Hold Voltage +7 VDC / +5 VDC2
Wgt. Un-Cased 0.09 kg
Wgt. Cased 0.26 kg
Operating Temp 0°C to +80°C
Max. Opening Bounce 15%
Max. Closing Bounce 5%
Max. Frequency of Operation (CONT/BURST)2 2.5 Hz / 15 Hz
Number of Blades 5
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