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LS Shutter Series
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The UNIBLITZ LS series shutters are especially well suited for laser use, with applications including low level chopping, pulse gating, selection, and modulation to 400Hz. Precision exposure control in the areas of holography and photography are additional application that benefit from the precise, repeatable characteristics of the LS shutter series.

The LS shutter series is comprised of three models. The model LS2 features a 2mm aperture, with typical rise time of 300µsec. The LS3 and LS6 models feature a 3mm and 6mm aperture, respectively. All three styles are offered mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing, and are equipped with the electronic synchronization system. In addition to the standard housing illustrated on the opposite side, several customized microscope and video mounts are available as options for use with this series.

  • Three aperture sizes available.
    • 2mm diameter - Model LS2
    • 3mm diameter - Model LS3
    • 6mm diameter - Model LS6
  • Laser energy ratings up to 5W/mm2 with "Z" or "ZM" shutter blade coating options.
  • Exposure repetition rates from DC - 400Hz.
  • Electronic synchronization system included.
Model Model LS2 Model LS3 Model LS6
Coil Resistance 48 ohms 48 ohms 48 ohms
Pulse Voltage to Open +65VDC +65VDC +65VDC
Hold Voltage +10 VDC +10 VDC +10 VDC
Wgt. Un-Cased N/A N/A N/A
Wgt. Cased 0.21 kg 0.21 kg 0.21 kg
Operating Temp 0°C to +80°C 0°C to +80°C 0°C to +80°C
Max. Opening Bounce 15% 15% 15%
Max. Closing Bounce 5% 5% 5%
Max. Frequency of Operation (CONT/BURST)2 100 Hz / 400 Hz 100 Hz / 400 Hz 100 Hz / 400 Hz
Number of Blades 1 2 3



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