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The dependable NS Shutter Series has been increased with the introduction of the 65 mm aperture NS65B - the largest aperture in the NS series.

Boasting only a total of seven moving parts, six of which are the blades themselves, has significantly enhanced the reliability of the NS6.

Being a bi-stable shutter means that no power is required to hold the shutter in either the open or closed state and only when a change of state is required is it necessary to use power. By reducing the number of components and utilizing the bi-stable operation has allowed for a more reliable and dependable device.

The NS65B can fit into a 12.7 cm (5") diameter housing and can be operated by the VDM1000 controller.

Model NS65B  
Coil Resistance 12 ohms  
Pulse Voltage to open 36V  
Weight - Uncased 130.4g  
Temperature range 0°C to +80°C  
Max Open Bounce 15%  
Max Close Bounce 5%  
Max. Frequency of Operation Continuous - 2 Hz. Burst - 5 Hz  
Number of Blades 6  




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