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One of the newest shutters in Vincent's UNIBLITZ line, the XRS6 series is especially designed for x-ray applications. The innovative blade design allows beam extinction >104 up to 30Kev x-ray energy. The XRS6 shutter is well suited for specific x-ray applications such as x-ray crystallography and can gate within 3ms. at a maximum rate of 50 exposures per second. Precision control and reliability can be expected as with all UNIBLITZ products.

This shutter is programmable, and is activated by an electronic pulse generated by Vincent's patented UNIBLITZ drive systems. The shutter will follow this pulse, which allows the user to program the exposure duration and frequency. The XRS6 has a 6mm clear aperture and is equipped with the solid state synchronization system. Additional aperture sizes and vacuum compatibility may be available, please consult customer service for further information.

  • 6mm diameter aperture.
  • Pt-Ir shutter blade, capable of blocking x-ray energy 30Kev.
  • Exposure repetition rate continuously variable from 50Hz.
  • Electronic synchronization system included.
  • Activated by an electronic pulse through UNIBLITZ patented shutter drive systems.
  • Non-resonant design allows instantaneous changes repetition rate and duty cycle.
  • No optical surface when open provides 100% transmittance.
  • Normally open option available on special order.
Model Model XRS6
Coil Resistance 12 ohms
Pulse Voltage to Open +65 VDC
Hold Voltage +10 VDC
Wgt. Un-Cased 0.04 kg
Wgt. Cased 0.21 kg
Operating Temp 0°C to +80°C
Max. Opening Bounce 15%
Max. Closing Bounce 5%
Max. Frequency of Operation (CONT/BURST)2 10 Hz / 50 Hz
Number of Blades 1



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