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Gocator 2500 high-speed 3D laser profile sensors
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Leverage a complete onboard 3D inspection system with built-in tools.
Smart, fast and ultra-compact and with an all-in-one design, the Gocator 2500 series provides high-speed, inline, 3D inspection of small electronic parts on a variety of surfaces including specular.

Comprising of three models in the series, the user leverages a complete onboard inspection platform with built-in profile and surface measurement tools and control decision logic which enables complex measurement and inspections wihout the need for external controllers or PCs.

Meeting the demands of inline inspections, this series scans, measures and controls, generating sound data at high speed, with high-resolution and with highly-repeatable results even on shiny surfaces.

Having a small footprint and an easy-to-integrate capability, the series allows for quick building of multi-sensor networks to achieve msximum scan coverage and generate a single 3D scan of the target.

Gocator 2512
The Gocator 2512 is a specialized 3D laser line profiler for high-precision scanning of glass and other specular targets.

Ideal for 3D scanning of consumer electronics and small-parts assembly application, the Gocator 2512 has the unique ability to scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously, capturing, for example, a cell phone's cover glass and its frame in a single scan.

Further, the sensor delivers exceptional performance in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing of component assemblies despite their having various challenging surfaces. Where other types of lasers use a collimated beam, this sensor leverages specialised laser projection technology that can handle a wider range of target angles, material types and surface colours.


Other advantages of the 2500 series

• Web-based interface
• Point-and-click functinalaity
• Factory calibration
• Gasketed aluminium enclosure, IP67

Gocator 2512

Gocator 2510/Gocator 2520
Optimised optical design for superior data on specular surfaces

Pre-calibrated to scan out-of-the-box

Scans specular and diffuse targets simultaneously
10 000 profiles per second including 3D measurement
Low sensitivity to targe angle for increaedd flexibility of setup
Set-up and control via web browser or sdk
Handles a wide varity of materials and surface types - glass, polished metals, plastics
Built-in tools; no programming
Exceptional performance in GD&T measuring of component assemblies with challenging surface finishes
Designed for small parts inspections
Faster, easier-to-use, more cost-effective
Large field-of-view and measurement range - less sensors needed

Gocator 2512
Gocator 2510
Gocator 2520
Scan rate
2.4 kHz (full field of view) to 10 kHz
1.6 kHz (full field of view) to 10 kHz
13.0 - 14.5 mm
25 - 32.5 mm
Data Points per profile
Resolution (X) (µm)
13.0 - 17.0
Linearity (Z) (+/- % of MR)
Repeatability Z (µm)
Clearance Distance (CD)
17.0 mm
47.5 mm
Measurement Range (MR)
6 mm
25 mm
2 (blue, 405 nm)
Gigabit Ethernet
Differential Encoder, Laser Safety Enable, Trigger
2x Digital output, RS-485 Serial (115 kBaud)
Scanning software Browser-based GUI and open source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualization. Open source SDK, native drivers, and industrial protocols for integration with user applications, 3rd-party image processing applications, robots, PLCs.
46x80x110 mm; 0.65 kg

Gocator 2510/2520 data sheet
Gocator 2512 data sheet




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