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Bobcat 1.7-320 SWIR Camera
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The Xenics Bobcat 1.7-320 is a smart, affordable, uncooled InGaAs camera for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR range 0.9 to 1.7 µm) imaging.

Based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics and flexible TCP/IP interfacing, the Bobcat-1.7-320 is packed into in very compact housing.

The camera interfaces to a PC via an Ethernet or CameraLink connection and works without Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC).

Applications for the XEVA-LIN 2.5 camera include:
* Night vision
* Hyperspectral imaging
* Enhanced vision systems
* Industrial machine vision
* R&D SWIR (0.9 - 1.7 µm band)
* Thermal imaging of hot objects (300°C to 800°C range)

Model Bobcat 1.7-320
Resolution 320 x 256 pixels
Sensor InGaAs detector uncooled
Sensitivity 0.9 - 1.7um
Video Format Analog
Connectivity Ethernet or CameraLink
Max. Line/Frame Rate 60Hz
Mount C mount
Dimensions 58 L x 62 W x 72 H mm




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