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Cheetah-640CL Infrared Camera
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The Cheetah-640CL is the world's fastest InGaAs Infrared camera. It is equipped with a dedicated high speed
InGaAs detector array and allows you to visualize the ultra high-speed features of your specific research application.

The high-speed InGaAs 640 x 512 pixel detector array is sensitive from 0.9 to 1.7 µm and has a maximum speed at full resolution of 1730 fps version. Fitted with a single stage thermoelectric cooler it offers high quality low noise images. The Cheetah-640CL allows you to visualize your specific infrared research application when it's too fast to see. The camera outputs images via its Dual CameraLink output and is compatible to many popular CameraLink grabbers including the Dalsa Xcelera and X64 series. It is also supported by IO Industries Streams5 high speed image to disk system.

Interfacing to a PC for visualisation setup, control and image downloads is done via the CameraLink connection. The Cheetah-640CL configuration tool allows you flexibility in setting control parameters such as integration time, operating temperature, frame rate, etc. The Cheetah-640CL package comes with an Interface Control Document (ICD) that makes it addressable under popular programming languages such as C++, Visual Basic or on a lower level under Linux, depending on your own choice of frame grabber system..

Advantages of the Cheetah-640CL include: high speed CameraLink output; crisp motion analysis; flexibility and ease-of-use and reliable data transfer. Other features include External Trigger Input, Hardware non-uniformity correction (NUC), C-mount for interchangeable lenses and multiple windows to further increase frame rate.

Applications for the Cheetah-640CL camera include:

R&D (SWIR range)
Hyperspectral imaging
Wavefront sensing
Thermal imaging of fast hot objects
(300°C to 800°C range)
Situational awareness systems
High-Speed imaging
Medical (OCT)

The Cheetah-640CL specifications are summarised below.

A more comprehensive summary of features and details of optional accessories are listed on the downloadable product datasheet below.

Model Cheetah-640CL
Resolution 640 x 512
Sensor InGaAs detector >99% pixel operability, TE1 Cooled
Pixel Size 20 x 20um
Active Area 12.8 x 10.24mm
Format 12 Bit
Video Output Base or Full CameraLink
Max. Line/Frame Rate 1730 fps
Mount C-Mount
Shutter Speed  
Operating Temp +0 °C to +50 °C

12 VDC / 1.6A

Dimensions 130 x 130 x 90 mm
Weight 2 Kg

Xenics Cheetah-640CL High-speed Infrared Camera Datasheet




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