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CoaXPress Cameras
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Why use CoaXPress?
• The CoaXPress interface allows for the transfer of high bandwidth data - high frame rates and/or high resolution images.
• The CoaXPress interface allows for transmission of data over more than 100 metres cable length.
Real time processing of high-speed data received by the PC becomes possible.
• With up to 25 Gbit/s badwidth this interface with low cost off-the-shelf cables provides cost-reductions and maximises system performance.
• As a state-of-the-art interface, CoaXPress provides real-time control, reliable communication and precise triggering, even with multi-camera applications.
Integration is simplified as only one single cable carries data, communication and power thius reducing the potential points of failure

Sensor Type
Frame rate
IO Industries - for specialty video production, slow-motion capture, research imaging and automated inspections
Flare 2M280-CX 2048 x 1080 CMOS monochrome, colour, NIR 264.2 fps CoaXPress
Flare 4M140CX 2048 x 2048 CMOS monochrome, colour, NIR 140 fps (8-bit), 112 fps (10-bit) CoaXPress
Flare 12M CL/CX 4096 x 3072 CMOS monochrome, colour, NIR CL: 124 fps (8-bit), 100 fps (10-bit)
CX: 187 fps (8-bit), 149 fps (10-bit)
CL: Base, Medium, Full, Full 80-bit, Dual Full 80-bit (80MHz Pixel Clock):
CX: 1/2/4 links at 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)
Flare 48MP 7920 x 6004 CMOS Monochrome, colour 30.9 fps 1/2/4 links at 2.50Gbps (CXP-2), 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)

Sensor Type
Imager Size
Line Rate
JAI - including beam-splitting, 3- and 4-prism cameras - RGB and NIR
SW2000MCXP 1 line x 2048 CMOS Monochrome only 40.96 mm 10 Hz to 80 kHz CoaXPress
SW-2000T-CPX2 2048 x 3 CMOS RGB 40.96 mm 10 Hz to 80 kHz CoaXPress
SW-2000Q-CPX2 2048 x 4 CMOS RGB and NIR 40.96 mm 10 Hz to 80 kHz CoaXPress

Please contact us to learn more about how a CoaX vision product can be your solution



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