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Calibir 640 series shutterless, uncooled LWIR camera
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Teledyne DALSA's comprehensive experience with industrial imaging applications has produced a compact infrared camera with shutterless imaging performance and great output flexibility.

Being uncooled, this technology is capable of providing compact and low cost LWIR imaging solutions as it does not require active cooling of the sensor. In general cooled cameras provide higher performance (lower Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference), but it comes at a cost.

Optimized for Size, Weight and Power and built to be robust for factory environments, the Calibir's 29 mm cube is compact enough to fit into small spaces and its 38 g weight and dimension make it ideal for deployment in drone applications.

Microbolometer-based detectors cover wavelengths from 8-14 µm and the camera features shutterless operation and rapid image output on power up. The delivery response is uniform both over time and temperature ranges and the cameras can operate uninterrupted and without the need for recalibration. Teledyne DALSA's Adaptive Contrast Enhancement algorithm optimises the image contrast by adapting to the image content and exposing the smallest details irrespective of conditions or of changes within the scene. With no mechanical intervention necessary, Calibir delivers high-quality images with consistent reliability.

Flexibility is an element of the Calibir's performance as the microbolometer-based platform supports a variety of industry-standard video formats, physical interconnects, LWIR lenses and a currently state-of-the-art on-board processing engine. Additionally, Teledyne DALSA's SDK and control tool makes installation-to-image-capture an easy process that can be achieved in minutes.

The Calibir 640 series is ideal for a wide range of imaging applications requiring long wave IR detectors in the field of surveillance and monitoring, defense and security (including drone applications), maintenance, medical imaging and general machine vision applications.

Features Applications

• Shutterless operation
• Compact, lightweight and robust
• Wavelengths from 8-14 µm
• Variety of camera lenses

• Uncooled
• Flexible outputs
• Suitable for factory environments
Adaptive Contrast Enhancement to show finest detail
• Medical Imaging
• Surveillance, Defence and Security - Identifies heat sources
• Unmanned airborne and ground vehicles - Object avoidance, detection of wildlife
• General Machine Vision - Detects features not visible to standard cameras - undercooked processed food


640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels
Frame rate
30 frames-per-second
Pixel size
17 µm square pixels
Camera NETD
High Gain: 70 mK @ f/1.0, 300 K, 30 Hz; Low Gain (default) 100 mK @ f/1.0, 300 K, 30 Hz
Lens mount
M34 & M25
Lens options
11 lens options: HFOV: 6.2° to 90° Ranging from 7.5mm to 100 mm
Body size
29 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm without lens mount; with lens mount up to 61mm depending on model
38g without lens mount
58g without lens
Operating temp
-40°C to 60°C
Analog: NTSAC, PAL, parallel digital2, GigE Vision
Typical response
20 DN in 14-bit/image (unstretched)
Time to 1" image
<1.7s (core)
Power connector
via SAMTEC® 60-pin connector
via 10-pin connector, or RJ-45 in PoE mode
via 10-pin connector
via 10-pin connector
Digital/60-pin header
GigE/RJ-45 with locking screws
Analog/10-pin connector

Calibir 640 LWIR series

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