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Delivering 100X greater responsivity than standard line scan cameras, ECLIPSE represents a generational leap past the performance of today’s benchmark linescan products. It offers an exponential increase in responsivity, performance and ease-of-integration, while drastically reducing the size and cost of advanced linescan technology.

Eclipse's tremendous responsivity allows for less expensive lighting (e.g. LED or fluorescent) and an increased depth of field because you can use a larger f# in the optics. Built-in processing for pixel-to-pixel FPN/PRNU correction can compensate for non-uniform lighting and optics degradation, reducing lighting and optics costs even further.

All of this in a compact design makes ECLIPSE an overwhelming choice for advanced linescan applications such as postal sorting (bar-code reading, address lift, cancellation mark detection), web inspection, and electronics and semiconductor manufacturing machine vision (pick and place, wafer alignment, solder paste inspection).

Even at data rate of 40 MHz and extremely high line rates, Eclipse captures crisp images not possible with traditional RS170 or line scan cameras. Eclipse's 100% fill factor and 10 bit digitization (8 bits output) ensures superior images, and its LVDS communication protocol adapts well to industrial environments. Its single 12 V power supply simplifies the interface.

Model EC-11 (05k40)
Resolution 512 x 96 TDI
Pixel Size 13µm x 13µm
Video Output 8 bit LVDS
Max. Line/Frame Rate 64.1kHz
Data Clock Rate 40MHz
Gain -8.5 to +9.5 dB
Lens Mount C / C / F-mount
Operating Temp 0 - 50 °C
Power 12 to 15V, <7W
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 88 mm
Weight 215g



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