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iDS NXT ocean
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The iDS NXT ocean is an all in one solution that provides you with everything you need to create your own inference camera. The iDS NXT ocean allows you to focus on your application. With no pre-defined rules, it lets you apply knowledge acquired through deep learning to new data. iDS intelligent NXT inference cameras can apply "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. With a special AI core neural networks are hardware-accelerated and run directly on the devices – enabling inference times of just a few milliseconds.

With the IDS NXT ocean design-in kit customers receive a complete solution that includes not only the requuired hardware components but also online access for intuitive training of neural networks for their own AI applications.





Cost efficiency


Ease of use


Time efficiency

  Typically, working out rules and programming software is time consuming and requires professional help from someone with the relevant expertise and therefore very expensive. However, with the iDS NXT ocean, tasks that on identification of unique characterstics are easy, and require no expertise. Simplifying your task saves you time and money. With all the components needed to create train and run a neural network, the AI core enables interference tasks to be solved directly on cameras which means no special The iDS NXT ocean makes tasks that rely on.

Tasks which rely on identification of unique object characteristics requires a PC concoction, image processing software with pre determined rules, plus a programmer with the relevant expertise in coding and software maintenance. This involves complex programming. Thus, extremely time consuming. With the iDS NXT ocean, all the components you need to train and run neural networks are bundled into one easy to use package.


With the iDS NXT Lighthouse system all customer data is stored in highly secure German servers. By using the Amazon Web Server cloud, iDS customers benefit from a data centre and network architecture specifically designed to meet the highest standards of data protection and security. While being highly secure, the AWS infrastructure provides sufficient power and server space to complete the training process of a neural network very efficiently and quickly.  
  What it includes?  

iDS NXT rio 1.6 MP
Sony colour sensor

iDS NXT rio is a fully-fledged standard industrial camera that can execute neural networks with hardware acceleration giving inference times of a few milliseconds thanks to the integrated, specially developed AI core ("deep ocean core"). Thanks to features such as C-Mount, GigE network connection with RJ45 connector, a serial RS232 interface and REST web interface, the model is ideally suited for use in industrial environments.

With the Sony global shutter CMOS sensor the camera is suitable for customers with high demands on image quality, dynamic range and sensitivity. It provides a resolution of (px) at 3.45 µm pixel size. The iDS NXT rio GS29016 is available in monochrome or colour.



6 Month license for
iDS NXT Lighthouse


The iDS NXT lighthouse cloud software allows those without expertise in the area of artificial intelligence or camera programing to train an AI classifier with their own image data. As a web application, the necessary means to create the neural network are immediately available, meaning you wont have to initially set up your own development environment.

Subsequently you can start on your own neural network straight away. Image processing can take place entirely or partially on the camera FPGA – this reduces bandwidth and computing load.






High quality 16 mm
Edmund Optic lens

Gigabit Ethernet

Camera power supply
with necessary adapters

Camera tripod

Sensor type
CMOS colour
Global Shutter
Sensor Characteristics
1.58 Mpix
Resolution (hxv)
1456 x 1088 Pixel
Pixel Class
1.6 Mpix
Size (HxWxL)
34.0 mm x 44.0 mm x 73.0 mm
Aspect Ratio
Pixel Size
3.45 µm



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