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Ensenso N35 3D stereo camera
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While 3D machine vision has many applications, it is the future for robot vision in particluar.

Many applications in robotics and automated serial production can only be satisfactorily implemented using three-dimensional data. This applies equally to challenging assembly processes such as bonding and welding, and to the notoriously tricky process of bin-picking. However, robotics is not the only application where this camera can be used successfully. The Ensenso stereo 3D camera series represents a solution for 3D image capture that is precise, cost-efficient and fast. However, robotics is not the only application where this camera can be used successfully (see below for other applications).

How does the Ensenso 3D stereo cameras work?
Using "projected texture stereo vision" principles, each Ensenso has two integrated CMOS sensors and a projector that throws a random point pattern onto the object in view. This function allows structures that are not visible or only faintly visible on the surface to be enhanced or highlighted. This process also works for multi-camera setups and can capture 3D Images on almost texture-less surfaces as well.

The Ensenso 3D series has been extended by the addition of the N35 which offers the new FlexView projection technology.

Why FlexView makes Ensenso N35 different
Aside from increasing the robustness of the camera to deliver IP65/67 protection, the Ensenso N35 is equipped with the new FlexView projection system. With Flexview, the camera can produce 8 times the resolution with only a small increase in cost.
view Work?
Where cameras without FlexView can capture only a single image pair, the FlexView projection module uses mico-mechanical shifting to move the pattern by a few pixels in each image. FlexView allows for multiple image pairs to be obtained with different patterns on the same object and the integration of the FlexView functionality is a simple as setting the number of image pairs to be used with everything else being handled automatically inside the EnsensoSDK.

The software then aggregates all the information from these multiple pairs to provide a much more detailed image. Additionally, using multiple cameras simultaneously enables the capture of a scene synchronously from different sides and so reducing shadowing effects and also extending the field of view.

While additional capture time is needed, there is a minimal computational time increase. The camera can also operate in single-shot mode by turning off the FlexView facility allowing the capture of fast-moving objects at highest possible frame rates..

The compact and robust aluminum housing of the cameras with lockable GPIO connector for trigger and flash underline the suitability of the cameras for industrial use. The cameras are pre-calibrated and come with an MVTec HALCON interface as well as an object-oriented API (C++, C# / .NET).

Key features
• Compact and robust housing for industrial use - IP65/67 protection
• FlexView pattern projection
• "Projected texture stereo vision" process for capturing untextured surfaces
• 2 x integrated CMOS 1/1.8" sensors with blue LEDs
• Max. fps (3D): 10 (2x Binning: 30) and 64 disparity levels
• Max. fps (offline processing): 30 (2x Binning: 70) and 64 disparity levels
• 1280 x 1024 resolution
• Working distances of up to 3,000 mm and variable picture fields
• Also operates in single-shot mode
• Live composition of the 3D point clouds from multiple viewing directions
• Capture of both stationary and moving objects
• Pre-calibrated and therefore easy to set up
• GigE with PoE - versatile and flexible
• Integrated function for robot hand-eye calibration with calibration plate
• Subsampling and binning for flexible data and frame rates
• HALCON, C, C++ and C# sample programs with source code
• One software package supports USB and GigE models
• Free software package with driver and API for Windows and Linux
• Output of a single 3D point cloud with data from all cameras used in multi-camera mode
• Available with blue (465nm) and infrared (850 nm) wavelengths
Medical engineering
Robotics and gripping technology
Completeness checking
Rapid-volume measurement
Measuring technology
Safety engineering

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Model Ensenso N35
Resolution 1280 x 1024 (1.3 MP)
Sensor 2 x 1/1.8" Global Shutter CMOS
Focal length 6 - 16 mm
Frames-per-second 10 (1.3 MP), 30 (2x Binning)
Focus distance 950 mm
Operating distance 460 - 3000 mm
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Inputs 1 x trigger
Outputs 1 x Flash/GPIO
Temperature Operating: 0 - 40 °C; Storage: -10 - 70 °C
Vibration resistance 300 to 500 Hz 10 g (sine
Shock resistance 80 g, 1.9 ms / 25 g, 6 ms (half sine)
Dimensions 175 x 50 x 52 mm
Weight 650g





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