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IO Industries
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Established in 1991, IO Industries Inc. designs cameras and digital video recording (DVR) systems for applications in manufacturing, research, vehicle-mounting and live broadcast point-of-view applications. IO Industries products provide high-performance and high quality solutions for digital video applications.

Originally involved in supplying uncompressed digital video recording and high-speed imaging systems, more recently, IO Industries have branched out into the provision of compact digital video cameras, where their experience in product designs and brings allows their involvement in custom projects ranging from deep-sea to outer space.

Frame rate
Flare Series      
Flare 2K SDI 2048 x 1088 CMOS 60 fps Single Link HD-SDI; Single Link 3G-SDI
Flare 2M360-CL 2048 x 1088 CMOS 340 fps Base, Medium, Full, and Full 80-bit
Flare 2M280-CX 2048 x 1088 CMOS 280 fps CoaXPress: Dual or Single Link, 3.125Gb/s per link (CXP-3)
Flare 4M180-CL 2048 x 2048 CMOS 180 fps Base, Medium, Full, and Full 80-bit
Flare 4M140-CX 2048 x 2048 CMOS 140 fps CoaxPress: Dual or Single Link, 3.125Gb/s per link (CXP-3)
Flare 4K SDI 4096 x 2160 CMOS 60 fps Quad 3G/HD-SDI Output
Flare 12M CL/CX 4096 x 3072 CMOS CL: 124 fps (8-bit), 100 fps (10-bit)
CX: 187 fps (8-bit), 149 fps (10-bit)
CL: Base, Medium, Full, Full 80-bit, Dual Full 80-bit (80MHz Pixel Clock):
CX: 1/2/4 links at 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)
Flare 48M 7920 x 6004 CMOS 30.9 fps 1/2/4 links at 2.50Gbps (CXP-2), 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)


IO Industries Portable DVRs and DVR systems
With models available for recording from most popular video standards, IO Industries DVR Express® Core is IO Industry's most advanced digital video recorder and the first portable DVR designed to work the way the user does. Read more







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