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Jai AT- 030MCL 3CCD camera

The AT-030MCL is a member of JAI's Apex series of prism-based, high colour precision cameras, and has been designed for applications that need both the precise colour information made possible by 3CCD technology as well as a frame rate suitable for high-speed, automated colour sorting or detection applications.

It has three 0.3 megapixel ( 659 (h) x 494 (v) ) 3-CCD colour progressive scan sensors with up to 120 frames-per-second at full resolution. With the use of partial scan and binning modes much higher frame rates can be achieved.

The AT-030MCL targets applications requiring a combination of moderate (VGA) resolution, fast frame rates, and precise colour data reproduction and is particularly well-suited to the pharmaceutical, print and packaging industries where there is a need for high precision inspection of colour products at high speeds. Besides these applications, the AT-030MCL is also suitable for LED diode inspection, PCB inspection, food inspection and any application that requires detection of subtle colour variations.

How it works
The camera is equipped with three 1/3" CCDs providing higher colour image fidelity and better spatial resolutions than cameras based on traditional Bayer colour interpolation techniques.

With its built-in 3CCD technology, the AT-030MCL captures a specific red, green and blue colour value for each pixel and so requires no mosaic colour interpolation resulting in better colour reproduction and sharper colour detail in high contrast features such as edges.

A wide range of pre-set options and programmable functionality is provided to support diverse application requirements. An interesting and unique feature common to all Jai Apex series cameras is its ability to independently control the exposure time for each of the R, G, and B channels. Due to optical and silicon sensor characteristics the blue channel is the least sensitive and so is conventionally "gained-up" in the camera, producing a noisier image. The AT-030MCL and Apex series cameras allow the exposure time of the blue channel to be set longer than the R,G channels and so compensate for its low sensitivity without the need for extra gain, resulting in a much lower noise image with better colour fidelity.

Dual Camera Link interfaces permits 8, 10, or 12-bit output per channel using a Camera Link base or medium. The AT-030MCL offers full 36-bit RGB color output.

Key features

• Based on prism-block technology for supreme image fidelity • 8-bit RGB output via single port Camera Link. 10-bit or 12-bit via dual port
• Allows very precise colour detection • Ideal for applications requiring fast speed with high-quality colour data
• Individually controllable exposure for R, G, & B channels • 659 (h) x 494 (v) active pixels per colour channel
• A wide range of preset options and programmable shutter and exposure modes • Vertical binning for higher sensitivity and frame rate
• Chromatic shading reduction permits wider choice of lenses • Excellent price/performance ratio


Quick Specs

Sensor 3 x 1/3” progressive scan colour CCD
Resolution 659(h) x 494 (v)
Pixel size 7.4 µm square
Frame rate full frame 120.49 frames/second (511 lines per frame)
Video output CameraLink base and medium
Operating temperature -5° C to +45° C
Power 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 6W typical (full frame @ 12V)
Dimension 55 H mm x 55 W mm x 78.3 L mm
Weight 290 g

AT-030MCL data sheet




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