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Sweep+ SW-2000 Camera Link 3 sensor, 4 sensor prism cameras
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Three colour CMOS line scan cameras based on beam-splitter prism technology
SW2000T-CL (3x sensor - RGB) and the SW2000Q-CL (4x sensor - RGB+NIR) feature CMOS sensors with large* 20 µm x 20 µm pixels providing excellent colour reproduction, RGB colour alignment, edge sharpness and signal-to-noise ratio. The SW-2000Q-CL has the same RGB channels, and an extra fourth imaging channel, making it capable of capturing the NIR light spectrum simultaneously with the RGB light spectra.

Key features
High signal/noise ratio
Outstanding image quality due to a large 400 µm2 light collection area and large pixel quantum wells
20 µm x 20 µm pixels
Provide higher scan speeds and acceptable exposures at 4x the speed of a 10 micron pixel camera
Selectable resolution for flexibility
Selectable resolution of 2048, 1024 or a 512 pixels or any other resolution from 2048 - 128 pixels (256 pixels with binning)
Two sensor operation modes
A higher dynamic range mode and a high sensitivity mode.
Minimized chromatic aberration
Factory-calibrated corrections
Individual settings of shutter times
Shutter time for each sensor can be set individually to adjust the light collection amount for each colour band.
Ethernet port
For remote settings, firmware updates and retrieval of documents (manuals) from the camera
No halo (image distortions) problems
Sharp edges - even for objects with undulations or changing orientations
Optical corrections
2-point, pixel specific correction provides flat, uniform response and white balance

Food inspection (frozen food, rice grains, coffee beans, peas, cereals, tea)
Fruit/vegetable sorting. Inspecting colours, ripeness, damages, decay and foreign objects
2D colour print inspection - magazines and currency
3D colour print inspection (inspection of labels on cylindrical items like cans)
Web inspection (textile, paper, glass and film)
Wood inspection (looking for wood structures like knots, grain and colour)
Paint coat applications (checking colour correctness; even application)
Inspection and sorting of waste at recycle station

*The benefits of a large-pixel sensor
Scanning with less light - saves costs
Faster scan rates. Larger pixels means better signal/noise ratios
Lowers the requirements for lens quality
Physical dimension of the vision system can be minimized


SW2000T-CL - 3-prisms
SW2000Q-CL - 4 prisms
3 x 2048 RGB
4 x 2048 RGB and NIR
CMOS with beam-splitter prism
Sensor length
40.96 mm
Pixel size
20.0 µm square
Line rate
10 Hz to 80 kHz
480 DN/nJ/cm2; (DN 12-bits, small well, gains = 1x, λ = 625 nm) @ 60 kHz
Camera control
Camera Link Base, Medium or Full Configuration
Lens mount
Nikon F-mount or JAI Direct Mount with JAI-designed lenses
Operating temp
+5°C to +40°C
Power usage
18V to 26V DC
116.0 mm x 110.0 mm x 91.3 mm
1200 g
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