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WAVE series SWIR line scan cameras
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The camera that captures beyond the visible

• Detection of spoilage or contamination in the food industry • conducting quality checks in pharmaceutical manufacturing • Observation of dyeing and coating processes
• Materials sorting • A variety of general automated visual inspection systems  
Features and benefits    
• Detects otherwise invisible-to-eye details • Simultaneous, dual-band imaging • Uses off-the-shelf optics
• 3x higher resolution than conventional InGaAs • No need for second camera • No need for expensive SWIR band pass filters
The WAVE WA-1000D-CL is a dual-sensor, multi-imager industrial camera that is capable of sensing short wave infrared light and is based on a combination of InGaAs and prism line scan technologies. The camera operation is not complicated, no cooling is necessary nor are specialised optics required, the SWIR sensors using only off-the-shelf components.

Recognising that light is absorbed differently by different chemicals, deploying two sensors, each operating at a different spectrum, means these light absorption differences can be captured and double the data extracted to be used in the inspection criteria.

Being perfectly aligned via JAI's prism technology, the sensors deliver dual-band imaging in the 900 – 1700 nm range, one sensor captures light between 900 and 1400 nm while the other operates in the 1400 - 1700 nm. range. The prism-based technology makes possible the precise alignment of both images in two different spectral bands even when objects are moving at high speeds.


Model WA-1000D-CL
Sensor 2 InGaAs 25.6 mm line sensors
Resolution 1024 pixels x 2
Line rate 39kHz (39,230 line/sec)
Pixel Size 25.0 µm x 25.0 µm
Sensor sensitivity 280nV/e- (conversion gain)
Video output Dual Base Configuration: 2x8-bit, 2x10-bit, 2x12-bit
2-Tap Medium Configuration: 2x8-bit, 2x10-bit, 2x12-bit
Output signal Camera Link: LVAL - DVAL - EEN. Hirose 12-pin: XEEN
Lens Mount M52 Mount
Operating temperature -5C to +45C
Power DC+12V to 24V ± 10%. 820 mA ±10% +12V
Dimensions 90 mmH x 90 mmW x 117 mmD (without connector and lens mount protrusion)
Weight 910 g

Wave WA-1000D-CL data sheet




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