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EoSens CXP series
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Due to their different performance characteristics , each camera in the EoSens® CXP family has its own strengths, (high flexibility, high sensitivity or high resolution), providing the right camera for nearly every application.

The EoSens CXP high-speed cameras were especially developed for the monitoring of fastest motion processes and leverage the new CoaXPress interface that provides d
irect evaluation and processing of the gained data at the PC.

Enabling the transfer of data at 25 GBit/s in real time and utilising the latest camera technology, Mikrotron offers three different camera models (EoSens 3CXP; EoSens 4CXP and EoSens 25CXP) to serve the need for flexibility, speed and resolution at the highest level.

Future-proofed by a CoaXPress interface, the cameras can provide all the image information in real-time. The data cable also serves as power supply and an inter-communication medium between PC and the high-speed cameras. Additionally, reducing the need for extra cables also in facilitates easy integration as well as keeping a lid on costs. An optional cable length of 100 metres long cable increases the flexibility of high-speed camera use.

Ideal for capturing fast motion processes with maximal resolution, the EoSens CXP family are the right choice for diverse applications such as laser triangulation, 3D inspection, surface inspection and fluid dynamics (PIV).

Suitable for all Industrial, scientific and surveillance applications as well as for filming high-speed, high-resolution documentaries and commercial clips. Ideal for semiconductor / PCB industrial industry and flat panel inspection.

The benefits of CoaXPress
• The CoaXPress interface allows the EoSens CXP family to transfer high frame rates and megapixel images over more than 100 metres.
Direct evaluation and processing of high-speed data received by the PC become possible.
• With up to 25 Gbit/s this interface outperforms all others, contributing towards cost-reductions and maximizing system performance.
• As a state-of-the-art interface, CoaXPress provides real-time control, reliable communication and precise triggering, even with multi-camera applications.
Integration is simplified as only one single cable carries data, communication and power.
• Consolidating all the previously used cables into one reduces costs and strengthens the system, even in the roughest environments.

EoSens 3CXP
High flexibility
EoSens 4CXP
High sensitivity
EoSens 25CXP
High resolution
3 MPix - 1690 x 1710
4 MPix - 2336 x 1728
25 MPix - 5120 x 5120
Max. frame rate


1" CMOS global shutter
4/3" CMOS global shutter
35mm FF CMOS global shutter
Active sensor area
13.57 (H) x 13.68 (V) mm
16.35 (H) x 12.10 (V) mm
23.04 (H) x 23.04 (V) mm
Pixel size
8 x 8 µm
7 x 7 µm
4.5 x 4.5 µm
Max no of ROIs
3.81 V/Lux*sec @ 550 nm
11 V/Lux*sec @ 550 nm
3.4 V/Lux*sec @ 550 nm
Max dynamic range
80 dB
60 dB

53 dB

Camera body temperature
+5 ... 55°C
Power supply/consumption
12-24 V. Consumption - 7 W
80W x 80H x 53L mm C-Mount
450 g

EoSens CXP Brochure




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