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EoSens CXP Plus series
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Boa Monochrome and Colour Smart Camera

Powered by an advanced OnSemi PYTHON sensor, the EoSens CXP+ series brings a combination of speed, resolution and responsiveness. The EoSens series includes the 12CXP+ (12MP) and 25CXP+ (25MP) , two high-definition, light-sensitive models which, even in low light conditions, deliver high-contrast, sharp images. Contained within a robust, fanless and compact metal housing, the cameras are suitable for use in rugged environments. ** The EOSens 25CXP+ features a higher sensitivity sensor than the older model EOSens 25CXP.

Fast data transfer is acheived with a CXP-6 CoaXPress® interface** which transfers data volumes of up to 25 GBit/s in real time enabling high-resolution images, precise triggering and immediate evaluation and processing. The cameras can be connected to the host system using standard low-cost coax cables.

Future-proofed by a CoaXPress interface, the cameras can provide all the image information in real-time. The data cable also serves as power supply and an inter-communication medium between PC and the cameras. Additionally, reducing the need for extra cables also facilitates easy integration as well as keeping a lid on costs. An optional cable length of 100 metres long increases the flexibility of high-speed camera use.

Key features
• High resolution at high frame rates
Science and Research
Industrial automation
• 25 GBit/s data transfer rate for real-time streaming
• PCB inspection
• PIV measurements
• Laser cutting quality
• Ballistics
• Shock and vibration proof
• Ball grid inspection
• Material testing
• Robot control
• Explosives
• EMVA1288 standardized reporting
• LCD panel inspection
• Trajectory reconstruction
• Laser triangulation
• Rocket testing
• 4-channel CXP-6 CoaXPress output
• Wafer inspection
• Motion analysis
• Material sorting
• Aerial surveillance
• Largest model measures just 80 x 80 x 66 mm
• Fanless design for vibration-free operation
• High reliability: MTBF > 200,000 hours
• Easy scalability

The benefits of CoaXPress**
The CoaXPress interface allows the EoSens CXP family to transfer high frame rates and megapixel images over more than 100 metres.
• Direct evaluation and processing of high-speed data received by the PC become possible.
• With up to 25 Gbit/s this interface outperforms all others, contributing towards cost-reductions and maximizing system performance.
• CoaXPress provides real-time control, reliable communication and precise triggering, even with multi-camera applications.
• Integration is simplified as only one single cable carries data, communication and power.
• Consolidating all the previously used cables into one reduces costs and strengthens the system, even in the roughest environments.
• Plug-and-play

EoSens 12CXP+
EoSens 25CXP+
4,096 x 3,072
5,120 x 5,120
CoaXPress® @ 4 x 6.25 Gbit/s
Max. frame rate
165 fps
80 fps
CMOS global shutter
Active sensor area
23.04 x 23.04 mm
Pixel size
4.5 x 4.5 µm
Colour depth
10/8 bit
Sensitivity (mono)
5.8 V/lux*s @ 550nm
Dynamic range
59 dB
Camera body temperature
+5 °C … +55 °C
Power supply/consumption
12 - 24 V DC; 12 W
80 x 80 x 66 mm
540 g

EoSens CXP+ data sheet




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