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CamPerform CP Series - CoaXPress interface
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CP70-12-M-67 - Mono
CP80-12-C-67 - Colour
CP80-3-M-540 - Mono
CP80-3-C-540 - Colour
CP80-4-M-500 - Mono
CP80-4-C-500 - Colour
CP80-25-M-72 - Mono
CP80-25-C-72 - Colour
CoaXPress interface

Leveraging the many benefits of the CoaXPress interface, and described by the manufacturers as "a hot-shot in machine vision", Optronis' CamPerform series are suitable for tasks that require measuring accuracy extending to the nano range and production speeds .

Used for process analysis and fault detection where slower cameras no longer offer a solution, the CamPerform series is available with CoaXPress interface and meets the GenICam standard providing especially easy and standardised integration.

Optronis presently offers four variants of its CoaXPress models which operate with sensor resolutions of between 1696 x 1708 pixels and 5120 x 5120 pixels and with image rate lying between 72 and 540 full images/s with the possibility of being increased to 170,000 partial images/s.

Simple and standardized; flexible and user-friendly
Designed to be as simple as possible leaving the user to concentrate on analyzing image data, the CP CoaXPress series supports the GenICam standard providing a system that is easy to configure. The series' well-conceived design is backed by a high degree of transparency and a development process that is recognized across industry and adheres to a standardized methodology that has been specified for gauging and describing the specifications for cameras and image sensors.

Interfaced to a CoaXPress frame grabber by a single coaxial cable without an external power supply or extra cables for uplink communication to the camera, c
ameras designed with this technology enable the highest data transfer rates in 2D/3D real-time.

More benefits include: real-time behavior through fixed, low latency; precise triggering capability; cost-effective, ease of integration: video, communication, control and power over a single coax cable

The benefits of Optronis' CoaXPress interface  
CamPerformance general features
Cable 75 Ohm coaxial (eg RG59, RG6, RG11)
Real-time machine vision with CoaXPress
Long cable lengths in excess of 100 m without needing hubs, repeaters etc  
• Data rate of 2 GB/sec
Low cost assembly and easy integration in moving arm applications  
• 4 to 25 MP resolution
• Distances of over 200 feet at full data rate
Trigger Read time data transfer, control and trigger  
Low jitter and latency  
GenICam standard for easy integration
• Standardized configuration
Bandwidth 6.25 Gbit/s scalable up to 4 channels with 25 Gbit/s in total  
• Clearly laid out user interface
• Standardized descriptions of camera features
Power Power-over CoaXPress up to 13 Watt (PoCXP)  
Industry-standard design
Protocol Automatic link detection with frame grabber  
• No ventilation slots
GenICam standard (XML file support and Plug&Play for machine vision)  
• Standard lens mount (C/F mount, M42)
• Sturdy camera housing
Connectors Standard BNC or DIN 1.0/2.3  

CP70-12-M-67 - Mono
CP80-12-C-67 - Colour
CP80-3-M-540 - Mono
CP80-3-C-540 - Colour
CP80-4-M-500 - Mono
CP80-4-C-500 - Colour
CP80-25-M-72 - Mono
CP80-25-C-72 - Colour
Resolution max.
4080 x 3072
1696 x 1710
2304 x 1720
5120 x 5120
Frame rate - full resolution
167 fps (8-bit)
540 fps
500 fps
72 fps (10-bit)
Frame rate- reduced resolution
300 fps @ 4080 x 1690
1000 fps @ 1200 x 1200
10000 fps @ 2304 x 80
284 fps @ 3000 x 2000
500 fps @ 4080 x 990
5000 fps @ 480 x 480
23000 fps @ 2304 x 32
500 fps @ 1920 x 1080
CMOS - Global shutter
CMOS - Global and rolling shutter
Pixel size
5.5 µm square
8 µm square
7 µm square
4.5 µm square
CXP channel speed
6.25 Gbit/s. CPXP-6
5 Gbit/. CPXP-5
6.25 Gbit/s. CPXP-6
6.25 Gbit/s. CPXP-6
CXP connector
DIN 1.0/2.3
Dynamic range
60 dB sensor
49 dB EMVA 1288
48 dB EMVA 1288
56 dB global shutter
60 dB rolling shutter
4.64 V/Lux.s (with microlenses)
3.8 V/Lux.s (with microlenses)
9 V/Lux.s
3.3 V/Lux.s (with microlenses)
Trigger modes
Internal free-run, external, CXP
Programmable exposure (timed or width)
Lens mount
F-mount, C-mount, M42-mount, custom- all exchangeable
Power over CoaXPress, 24 VDC / 12 W
+0 °C to +40 °C ambient
+0 °C to +45°C housing
85 x 85 x 49 mm
85 x 85 x 69 mm
85 x 85 x 65 mm
85 x 85 x 65 mm
Weight without mounting
470 g
500 g

Optronis CamPerform series Datasheet




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