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SM2-D1312-80_GB-12 Smart DSP GigE Camera
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1.4 Megapixel GigE smart camera with 1 GHz programmable DSP**

The A1312 image sensor series is designed and fabricated in a 0.35µm CMOS technology optimized to achieve outstanding sensitivity and quantum efficiency.

Due to a difference in internal design, **DSP-based smart cameras consume much less power than CPU-based cameras and so the DSP camera does not need a cooling fan.

The cameras target users with image processing and C/C++ programming experience and this smart cameras are compatible with existing image processing libraries offered by Halcon Embedded, OpenCV and others. A framework program makes the use of the SM2-D1312 much easier as there is no need to deal with memory access, DSP register etc. if they are not required.

Another optional highlight is the JPEG compression running on the FPGA which allows storing high-speed image sequences at a rate of 70 fps on an 8GB SD flash card. The stored images can then be downloaded via a FTP server running on the smart camera or processed directly on the DSP.

• Global shutter and extended trigger functions • High dynamic range up to 120 dB via LinLog • Multiple Regions of Interest - up to 512
• 10 to 8 bit Look-up Table over user-defined image regions • Built-in 1 GHz DSP (Digital Signal Processor) • 256 MB SDRAM
• 2 GB SD-Card • Built-in webserver for camera control Halcon embedded software available
• High Near Infrared (NIR) sensitivity up to 1100 nm) • Cost benefits of GigE interface • 12-bit greyscale resolution

Model SM2-D1312-80-GB-12
Resolution 1312 x 1082
Sensor 1" progressive-scan monochrome CMOS
Pixel Size 8 µm x 8 µm
Video Output GigE
Max. Frame Rate 55 fps
Pixel Scan 40 MHz
Mount Type C-Mount (CS-Mount optional)
Operating Temp 0 °C ... +50 °C
Power Requirements 12V DC, 8.0W

60 x 60 x 137 mm³


572 g

Photonfocus SM2-D1312-80-GB-12 camera




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