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Cerberus - Multi-head, high-speed framing camera
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The first camera of its kind offering the speed, resolution and sensitivity of an ultra-high speed framing camera but with the versatility and flexibility of multiple heads for a wide range of applications.

Cerberus can produce two frames-per-heads. Using two heads will allow two frames to be captured within 5 ns interframe time (200 Million fps). For example a 2 headed system will allow 2 pairs of images, that can be taken as short as 500ns apart, for stereoscopic analysis.

A complete system (64 heads) can allow up to 64 independently-controlled stations for research into aerodynamic flow, mechanical analysis of rotating machinery, combustion engine research.

Features Applications
• Up to 200 Million FPS
Exposure times down to 5 ns Biological/Microscopy
1360 x 1040 pixels per frame Ballistics
12 bits Mechanics
Gain to 7,000X Cavitation
2 to 128 frames Materials research
Up to 8 multi Exposures per frame Aerospace
Rugged and Compact 100 x 100 x 120 mm Digital Image Correlation
Nikon F mount PIV
  3D Stereo Imaging






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