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SI-LUX 640 - Laser Illumination System
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Enhancing high-speed imaging by improving accuracy and sensitivity
Specialised Imaging lens intensifiers are a family of custom-designed, gated image intensifier systems to improve the sensitivity of high-speed video and image converter cameras.

Small and light-weight, the SI-LUX 640 connects with most high-speed cameras providing images with minimal speckle or fringe effects.

Capable of illuminating an object up to a million times-per-second with a brightness greater than LED light sources, the short-but-powerful SI-LUX 640 light pulses provide accurate, still images of events that last merely hundreds of nanoseconds.

Illumination of hard-to-access places is made possible via an integrated 2-metre, fibre-optic cable providing intense light to the target object or process.

• Improves accuracy and sensitivity of high-speed video and framing cameras
More powerful and brighter than LED light sources
Can provide clear and accurate still images of very fast events
2-metre-long cable provides light to hard-to-reach places
High-power, programmable pulse in a lightweight package

Interfaces with most high-speed camera systems

Low coherence laser light output and extensive triggering facilities provide images with minimal speckle or fringe effects






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