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SIR3 - High-resolution Still Camera
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11 megapixel images
The SIR3 series of high-resolution still cameras are compact, lightweight and robust and producing highly-detailed images, make these cameras ideally suited for the harsh indoor and outdoor environments associated with proofing ground and industrial use.

While more compact than its predecessors, all functionality has been retained but the camera is enhanced by Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and optical viewfinder.

The ability to acquire two, separate, full-resolution images along with the SURESHOT triggering system makes this the camera of choice for acquiring crucial data for analysis.


Features Applications
• Up to 11 megapixel images with good quality, improved detail and better measurement accuracy • Ballistics
Single image mode when ultimate dynamic range is required Detonics
Double image mode (two full frames) when displacement and velocity information is required Plasma
Comprehensive triggering facilities Impact studies
SURESHOT velocity measuring trigger

Elasticity, crack propagation and show resistance

Multiple flash triggers Spray particle analysis
Computer controlled via standard ethernet link  
Up to 4008 × 2688  
Up to 1 billion frames-per-second  




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