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Tracker2 - Flight-follower camera
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AWARD-WINNING Flight-follower camera
The Specialised Imaging Tracker2 is the successor to the popular Trajectory Tracker Flight Follower System.

In order to fully evaluate the failure modes of projectiles, it is often necessary to observe the performance of the round over a significant portion of its trajectory. To achieve this with a number of single shot cameras would be prohibitively expensive.

Built-in multiple triggers for real-time tracking and full remote control of the sturdy mount contribute to the natural evolution of this award-winning system.

Features Applications
• Sturdy, motorised, remotely adjustable mount • Ballistics
Ergonomic design for ease of handling Imact studies
Low profile layout In-flight behaviour
Low inertia Silicon Carbide mirror Sports Science
Improved motor drive for faster mirror acceleration  
Motor accuracy of better than 0.22 over full scan  
Scanning ratio from 0.1 to 100  
Choice of integrated high speed video camera - system with inbuilt DC supply for cameras  
8 trigger input as standard  
3D analysis available with 2 systems  
Custom control and analysis software  
Control via standard 1Gbps Ethernet link  
Optional multi trigger modules for up to 32 triggers  






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