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Tucsen HDMI series
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TrueChrome Metrics
Offering high speeds of 30 frames/sec uncompressed data transfer at 1920x1080 resolution and a high signal to noise ratio image sensor that allows a 10 second exposure capable of capturing magnificient fluorescent images. Furthermore, a powerful 3D noise reduction feature reduces noise so that even in long exposures in low light the image will remain crisp and free of noise.

The TrueChrome Metrics also offers efficient and very accurate measurement tools, in fact imaging data can be accurate to 1/100 microns which means that very small cells can be measuredand render precise results.





TrueChrome AF
The TrueChrome AF offers data transfer rates of up to 60 frames per second, continuous and single-shot autofocus modes allowing users to get clear images with ease.

Another feature of the TrueChrome AF is that it provides extremely powerful measurement functionalities including, freehand line, rectangle, polygon, circle, bicircle, angle, point-line distance and more.


HD Lite
Offering a 5 megapixel HD image sensor and application software embedded inside the camera, the user can control the camera sofware with just a mouse, rendering no need for a PC.

The HD Lite automatically analyzes the imaging data and optimizes white balance, exposure time and saturation to render excellent images. Whether it be bright field bio imaging or dark field birefringent crystal imaging, HD Lite offers ideal images that barely need any parameter adjustment.

TCapture is a completely free of charge professional imaging software application developed by Tucsen for full control of Tucsen cameras. As TCapture is specifically optimised for calibration with Tucsen cameras, it unlocks the ability to
demonstrate the true power of Tucsen cameras. Furthermore, TCapture is continually updated to allow end users access to the latest software and the capacity to extend the lifespan of your Tucsen camera.



Features & Benefits
TrueChrome AF TrueChrome Metrics HD Lite
CMOS Sensor
• high-speed focusing • Compatible with Mosaic V2.0 • 5 megapixel HD image sensor
• Professional digital image measurement system • Efficient & professional measurement system • Built-in Mouse Control
• Compatible with Mosaic V2.0 • 1080P Video Recording • White balance optimisation
• Real-time depth-of-field fusion • 30 frames per second high speed imaging • 3D Noise Reduction
• Perfect colour reproduction   • 1080P Video Recording
• Tailored 1080P HD screen   ROI Magnification Function
• Data transfer up to 60 frames per second   Image Comparison Function



TrueChrome AF

TrueChrome Metrics HD Lite
Sensor Type
Sensor Size 1/2.8" 1/2.8" 1/2.5"
Static Resolution 6MP, 3264 x 1836 3264 x 1836 2592 × 1932
Dynamic Resolution 2MP, 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate 60fps @ HDMI, 30fps @ USB2.0 30fps @ USB2.0, 30fps @ HDMI 15fps @ USB2.0, 15fps @ HDMI
Video Recording 30fps @SD Card, 30fps @PC 30fps@SD Card, 30fps@PC 15fps@ SD Card, 15fps @ PC
Exposure Mode
Exposure Time
White Balance
Output Interface
USB2.0, SD Card, HDMI
Size 90.7x78x70.8(mm)    
Weight 452(g)    
PC Software

Mosaic V2.0

Mosaic v2.0 TCapture
Optical Port
Standard C-Mount

Click here to download the TrueChrome AF data sheet
Click here to download the TrueChrome Metrics data sheet
Click here to download the HD Lite data sheet

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