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Designed specifically for industrial machine vision applications, NetSight is an embedded vision engine that combines converging PC technologies with standard, high-performance software interfaces. Based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, NetSight provides users with a rich choice of programming and interfacing options that meet a wide variety of applications. Configurable with self-boot or remote boot capability, NetSight can be deployed as a stand alone or network ready device that can be controlled or observed from a remote location or machine. NETSIGHT: High Performance Standards-Based Enbedded Machine Vision Engine

NetSight provides a fully linked and integrated software solution. For non-programmers or just quicker time to market, NetSight provides a powerful, industry proven general purpose machine vision application with an easy-to-use "point and click" interface. For OEMs or integrators designing custom software interfaces, NetSight supports Imaging Technology's library of machine vision and pattern finding tools. This linked and integrated software strategy allows all users to quickly perform project evaluations and prototype solutions without having to write a single line of code.

Under the cover of NetSight is a powerful, MMX compatible engine. The advantage of this over competitive offerings is that NetSight's performance will evolve with CPU technology. This means that NetSight users will realize incremental performance benefits without change to form, fit or function. Couple this with Imaging Technology's superior frame grabber technology and you have a highly tuned, flexible vision machine.

Video Formats

  • Two front-end options support high-performance analog or digital cameras
  • Up to 4 monochrome standard RS-170 or CCIR cameras or non-standard area scan cameras to 1k x 1k; interlaced or progressive
  • Digital RS422 or LVDS multi-tap cameras to 40Mhz pixel rates

Features & Benefits

  • MMX accelerated vision processing
  • Configurable O/S: CE, or NT
  • Completely self-contained, small footprint, OEM-style enclosure
  • Image, data and results transfer via Ethernet at up to 100Mbits/sec
  • 16-bit digital I/O for monitoring and controlling discrete processes
  • SVGA display output, keyboard, mouse, and RS-232/485 ports
  • Standard C/C++ environment


  • Robust alignment & registration
  • Automatic ID in cluster tools
  • Robot guidance, pick & place
  • Tightly coupled vision & motion control
  • Distributed vision process monitoring & control


Hardware Block Diagam




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