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Xtium-CL MX4
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Xtium-CL MX4 frame grabber is a Camera Link-compatible image processing board based on the industry-standard PCI Express™ Gen 2.0 expansion bus to deliver high-speed images to host memory.

Engineered to meet the ever-increasing image resolution and faster frame rates of modern camera technology, the Xtium-CL MX4 supports applications such as colour print inspection, flat-panel inspection, and general machine vision inspections. It offers higher bandwidth to sustain Camera Link 80-Bit modes over longer cable distances and supports a wide variety of area and line scan cameras in a compact half-length, single slot solution.

The Xtium-CL MX4 takes full advantage of PCIe Gen 2.0 x4 platform to deliver a bandwidth in excess of 1.7GB/s, while at the same time supporting PCIe Gen 1.0 slot to deliver 850MB/s.

The newly engineered, on-board, Data Transfer Engine produces maximum bandwidth without the need for specialized motherboards or chip sets. By enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data, the Xtium-CL MX4 minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times for the host applications. In addition, the Xtium series has been engineered with enhanced memory architecture allowing it to handle different sensor tap topologies while sustaining colour decoding at the maximum frame/line rate.

As well as minimizing host CPU usage, Xtium-CL MX4's compact design offers longer cable lengths and helps reduce overall system cost. Providing built-in, robust electrical signals for external event synchronization and status notification LEDs, one or more boards can be synchronized to acquire images from multiple area or line scan cameras simultaneously.

The Xtium-CL MX4 provides support for both 2xCameraLink Base(PoCL) and 1xCameraLink Medium, Full or 80-bit (PoCL) configurations all in the same hardware and users are able to change the board configuration in the field, simply, by loading a different configuration file. Additionally, Xtium-CL MX4 offers support for segmented and parallel taps to support the majority of the Camera Link cameras on the market.

The new Xtium-CL MX4 supports the full capabilities of Teledyne DALSA’s Piranha4 Colour and Linea CL line scan cameras with proprietary bi-colour and RGB 9.1 processing to deliver higher line rates in colour mode over increased distances.

The Xtium series of frame grabbers is fully supported by Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera LT and Trigger to Image Reliability Framework. Sapera Essential Standard Tools run-time license is free when combined with Teledyne DALSA frame grabbers.

Key features
• Half-length PCI Express Gen 2.0 x4 Board
• Acquires images from two Base cameras or one Medium, Full or 80-bit CameraLink camera
• Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz
• Supports Monochrome, RGB, Bayer and Bicolour cameras
• Enhanced feature set supports advanced Camera Link pixel/tap configurations
• Extended cable distance at max data rate
• Single slot, cost-effective solution
• Power Over Camera Link for Base, Medium, Full and 80-bit cameras
• Fully supported by Sapera LT and CamExpert on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 64/32-bit and WoW64; Windows 10 ready

Xtium-CL MX4
Camera Interface
1 Full, 80-bit (Deca) or Medium Camera Link or 2 Base Camera Link
Camera format Base, Med., or Full Camera Link, PoCL
Pixel clock FROM 20 mhZ to 85 MHz
Bits/Pixel up to 16
Camera taps up to 10 taps/8-bit
Host bus PCLe Gen2 x4
Frame buffer 512 MB
Dimensions 4.00” (10.1cm) Length X 4.20” (10.7 cm) Height
Temperature 10°C (50° F) to 50° C (122° F)

Xtium-CL MX4 data sheet

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