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Teledyne Dalsa;s X64-CL iPro frame grabberX64-CL iPro
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The X64-CL iPro is a highly-versatile PCI frame grabber capable of acquiring images from two independent Base or one Medium Camera Link™ cameras and performing image transfers at rates up to 528MB/s.

Its low cost, combined with its ability to support multiple tap configurations from both area and linescan cameras simultaneously; in addition to its on-board FPGA based processing (including Bayer decoding and real-time shading correction) makes the X64-CL iPro an ideal solution to a wide variety cost-sensitive applications where flexibility, performance and reliability cannot be compromised.

The X64-CL iPro has been engineered within DALSA's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.
Optimised data transfer
Delivering fast and secure data transfers with zero CPU usage, the X64-CL iPro’s Data Transfer Engine (DTE) features a high speed memory interface, multiple independent Direct Memory Access (DMA) controllers, and on-board tap descriptors. The DTE also performs real-time input tap adjustments for direction (tap reversal/inversion), pixel overlap and under lap. This enables the DTE to deliver images that are ready for processing and liberating the host CPU for image analysis tasks.

Simplified set-up and operation
The X64-CL iPro further facilitates ease-of-use by utilizing visual status LEDs, mounted on the card’s bracket, to simplify system installation and setup. A status indicator LED provides visual feedback when the correct camera connection is made and when a grab is in progress. These visual indicators allow developers to recognize instantly if cabling has been correctly set up thereby greatly facilitating the diagnostic process.

The Sapera Essential standard processing tool run-time license is offered at no additional charge when combined with the frame grabbers. This software run-time license (some conditions and limitations apply) includes access to over 400 image processing functions, area-based (normalized correlation based) template matching tool, blob analysis and lens correction tool.
Key Features    
• Half length 64-bit PCI-X 66MHz compatible • Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensures secure image capture • Free run-time licensing (conditions apply)
• Simultaneous acquisition from 2 base or 1 Medium Camera Link Base cameras • Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz • Low-Cost/High Performance
• FPGA based processing including Bayer decoding and shading correction • Supports acquisition for a wide range of cameras and formats  

Specifications Product ID: OR-64E0-IPRO0  
Camera interface 2 Base or 1 Medium  
Pixel Clock Up to 85 MHz  
Bits/Pixel 8 - 16  
Camera taps 2 x 3 taps/8-bit or 4 taps/8-bit  
Host bus PCI-64/PCI-X 66  
Frame buffer 32 MB  
Advance features ILUTS, Flat field, Flat line, Dead pixel, Bayer  
Software Sapera LT (32-bit)  

X64-CL iPro Data Sheet



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