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X64-CL Full
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The X64-CL Full not only provides a very flexible front-end for interfacing Camera Link cameras, it also incorporates a fault tolerant image synchronization design, allowing it to detect automatically, report and recover from a lost camera signal ensuring a greater level of reliability within the imaging sequences.

The X64-CL Full gives machine vision application developers the ability to combine colour and monochrome acquisition on a single board enabling developers to perform critical pixel transformations during the acquisition process and so saving valuable preprocessing time.

Compatible with a Base, Medium or Full Camera Link® camera, the X64-CL Full frame grabber is universal-PCI-slot-compliant and supports a wide variety of multiple tap area and linescan colour and monochrome cameras.
For greater versatility, the X64-CL Full board can also interface with camera pixel depths and tap configurations not covered by the Camera Link standard, for example, the X64-CL Full can support 10-taps or higher with 8-bit per tap.

The X64-CL Full has been engineered within DALSA's Trigger-to-Image Reliability framework to ensure highly reliable and efficient acquisition control throughout the entire image capture sequence.

Delivering fast and secure data transfer with zero CPU usage, the X64-CL Full’s Data Transfer Engine (DTE) features high speed memory interface, multiple independent Direct Memory Access (DMA), and onboard tap descriptors, the DTE’s powerful architecture delivers robust performance for critical machine vision tasks.

Key Features    
• Half length PCI 2.1 64-bit 66MHz compliant • Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz • Up to 2GB local frame buffer
• Acquires images from one Base, Medium or Full Camera Link camera • Rapid image-acquisition rates up to 680 MB/s • High-speed image transfer to host memory at 528MB/s
• Extended feature set supports non-Camera Link pixel/tap configurations    

Specifications Product ID: OC-64A0-xxx80  
Camera interface 1 Base, Med. or Full  
Pixel Clock Up to 85 MHz  
Bits/Pixel up to 16  
Camera taps 2 x 3 taps/8-bit or 4 taps/8-bit  
Host bus PCI-64/PCI-X 66  
Frame buffer 32 MB - 2 GB  
Advance features ILUTS  
Software Sapera LT, IFC (32-bit)  

X64-CL Full Data Sheet


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