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Bi-Telecentric | Opto-Engineering
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Bi-telecentric lenses for matrix detectors up to 2/3"
TC series bi-telecentric lenses represent the key component of any measurement system powered by machine vision by taking advantage of high-resolution detectors such as 5 MP - 2/3" and so can acquire images with exceptional fidelity and precision.

Their design achieves pure telecentricity: no magnification change occurs when moving away or towards the subject, making the TC series ideal for measurement applications of mechanical parts ranging from extruded aluminium profiles to tiny clock gears.

Offering optimal optical performances in terms of telecentrity and absence of distortion, depth of field and optical accuracy can be further enhanced by pairing TC lenses with LTCLHP telecentric illuminators.

Prior to delivery, lenses are rigorously tested by the manufacturer and supplied with a detailed Test Report.

Accessories, including CMHO clamping mechanics and CMPT mounting plates are also available for easy integration in industrial environments, where a solid and secure assembly is mandatory.

Key advantages  
• High telecentricity for thick-object imaging
• Nearly zero distortion for accurate measurements
• Excellent resolution for high resolution cameras
• Simple and robust design for industrial environments
• Easy filter insertion
• Detailed test report with measured optical parameters.

Click to read specifications
Video: TC series commences at 1' 10"


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