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Flat Telecentric lenses for 4k linescan cameras
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TC4k series - flat telecentric lenses
TC4K series telecentric lenses have been designed for measurement applications using linescan cameras with a detector size up to 28.7 mm (e.g. 4096 pixels with pixel size 7 µm).

Dimensional constraints are often a major issue when designing image scanning systems where the sample or the camera itself must be moved: TC4K series the solution for applications and machines with tight dimensional constrains. Compatible LTCL4K illuminators with matching flat design and dedicated accessories allow for optical combinations that fit most geometrical measurement configurations.

TC4K series feature standard F or M42 mount to fit common linescan camera interfaces; additional mounts are available upon request. Moreover, the lens-camera interface provides both fine detector phase adjustment and a precise focusing mechanism. Detector phase adjustment allows to precisely position the linear FOV at 90° from the object movement direction

Key advantages

Specially-designed illumination
Machine vision systems that utilise telecentric lens require a lighting method that complements these precision optics. LTCL4K telecentric illuminators provide the high optical throughput needed for high-speed linescan measurement applications.
Compact design
“Flat” shape for easy integration
Dedicated CMMR4K mirrors
90° deflection of the light path for usage in tight spaces and easy integration
Easy rotational phase and focus adjustment
Robust and precise tuning of FOV phase angle and best focus position

LTCL4k series: Flat telecentric illuminators for 4k linescan cameras
LTCL4K telecentric illuminators are specifically designed to be paired with TC4K telecentric lens, in order to provide the high optical throughput needed for high-speed linescan measurement applications such as steering components, gear and cam shafts, grinding and turning parts.

The illuminators are equipped with state-of-the-art LED driving electronics, providing exceptional illumination stability, precise light intensity tuning and easy replacement of the LED source.

The unique “slim” form factor allows these units to be used in constrained spaces, often a critical factor in many industrial environments. CMMR deflecting mirror accessories can be integrated to quickly assemble different illumination geometries, compatible with most type of inspection configurations.

Compact design: “Flat” shape for easy integration
High optical throughput and enhanced field depth when coupled with compatible TC4K telecentric lenses
Dedicated CMMR4K mirrors: Right-angle deflection of the light path for usage in tight spaces
Flat telectentric lens video starts at 4.45 minutes


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