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Teledyne DALSA's Calibir 640
shutterless, uncooled LWIR camera

The ability to see heat
Teledyne DALSA's deep experience with industrial imaging applications has produced a compact infrared camera with outstanding shutterless imaging performance and great output flexibility. The microbolometer-based* detectors cover wavelengths from 8-14 µm and support a variety of camera interfaces, lenses and on-board processing features that serve a wide range of today’s uncooled** imaging applications.

Built to be robust, the Calibir's 29 mm cube is compact enough to fit into small spaces and its 38 g weight and dimension make it ideal for deployment in drone applications.

Special benefits
Shutterless Operation - no calibration required; no mechanical shutter
Not only are mechanical shutters complex, they are also prone to fail. The Calibir's shutterless*** operations provides an instant image output with no interruption for calibration and delivers a uniform response across time and temperature range.

Adaptive Contrast enhancement ****
The image contrast is optimised by Calibir's algorithms which adapts to the image content and exposes the smallest details irrespective of conditions or of changes within the scene. With no mechanical intervention necessary, Calibir delivers high-quality images with consistent reliability.

Flexible Output, lens Options and video formats
The series offers analog and digital output formats including GigE Vision. 11 different lenses are also available ranging from 7.5 to 100 mm focal length. Any of the Calibir series products are supplied with lens of choice and are fully calibrated over an operational range of -40 to 60 °C ambient temperature and supports a variety of industry-standard video formats

Ease of use
Teledyne DALSA's SDK and control tool makes installaton-to-image-capture an easy process that can be achieved in minutes.


Quick specs
• 640 x 480 VGA resolution (QVGA to be released soon)
• 17 µm square pixels
• 30 frames-per-second
• Built-in Pseudo-colour for enhanced visualization
• 29 x 29 x 29 mm
• 38 g

• Medical Imaging
• Surveillance, Defence and Security - Identifies heat sources
• Unmanned airborne and ground vehicles - Object avoidance, detection of wildlife
• General Machine Vision - Detects features not visible to standard cameras - undercooked processed food
Read more about the Calibir 640 series 00000000000000

Shutterless operation retains capture stability across time and temperature (Left) Adaptive Contrast OFF. (Right) Adaptive Contrast ON

What is the difference between a microbolometer camera and uncooled cameras?
Basically none. The term “uncooled” has become a synonym for microbolometers, which are mainly used to image Long Wave Infrared Wavelength
What are the advantages of uncooled over cooled?
Size, Weight, Power and Price. Uncooled technology is capable of providing compact and low cost LWIR imaging solutions as it does not require active cooling of the sensor. In general cooled cameras provide higher performance (lower Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference), but it comes at a cost.
How does Shutterless operation work?
Shutterless operation is a further progression of the calibration of the camera. The camera carefully monitors itself at start up and from its first images determines the correction factors that are required to obtain consistently high quality images.
How does the Adaptive Contrast Enhancement work?
The contrast enhancement algorithm is basically monitoring the image content of a scene and then adaptively optimizes the contrast of the scene so that both hot and cold objects are visible in the

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