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Genie Nano: 4 NEW models - the synergy of two technologies at an excellent price-point

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Uncompromisingly good image quality;
excellent return on investment

Genie Nano:
Built on a legacy of performance and versatility

Combining the sensor industry's leading CMOS sensor and adding Teledyne DALSA's proprietary camera technology has resulted in a vision product that provides breakthrough speed and an unmatched feature set - all offered at a very attractive price-point. With throughput similar to Camera Link, the Genie Nano operates on the-lower-cost-of-the-two GigE network and are specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring improved network integration.

Accelerated system performance
Redefining the meaning of low-cost performance, the Genie Nano family, with TurboDrive, runs faster than any other comparable camera, often pushing to sometimes double the standard GigE limit but without requiring any hardware or software changes to a network or to an application.

TurboDrive uses advanced data modeling to boost data transfers with no loss of image quality. These breakthrough rates are achieved using The TurboDrive proprietary process that assembles data from the sensor to optimize throughput while taking full advantage of both the sensor’s maximum frame rate and the camera’s maximum GigE data transfer speed (up to 115 Mbytes/s). TurboDrive is more efficient because it packs the same information in less bits.

Made for endurance and reliability
Despite its tiny size, Genie Nano brings a bigger feature set than anything else in its class; its robustly-built quality and its wider temperature-operating-range extends the camera's life and increases system reliability making the Nano capable of long term operation.

Key features
• GigE Vision
• Higher frame rates
• State-of-the-art CMOS sensors offering high-resolution even in low light environments
• Wider, deeper feature set
• Slimmest body width available. Fits tight spaces - 44 x 29 x 21mm
• Easy integration and deployment Versatile I/O - 2 inputs + 2 opto-coupled outputs
• Wide temperature range: extend camera life and reliability - 20C to 60C (housing)
• TurboDrive: data rates beyond GigE limits - up to 2x faster transmission
• Super light-weight - 46 grams - ideal for UAV or robotics
• Trigger-to-Image reliability: system level track-and-trace
• Up to 16 ROIs - increase throughput by capturing only the data you need
Suitable for high-speed applications that require high-reliability cameras
• Electronics manufacturing inspections
• Industrial metrology • Intelligent traffic systems • Robotics guidance
4112 x 3012
4112 x 2176
Frame rate
40.8 fps- burst rate; Max sustained: 21 fps- TurboDrive; 9.7 fps-standard rate
56 fps- burst rate; Max sustained: 31 fps- TurboDrive; 14 fps-standard rate
Pixel size
3.45 µm
Output format
GigE Vision
Dynamic range
56.4 dB
Maximum image circle
1.1" Optical Format
1" Optical Format
Data format
8-Bit Mono
8-Bit Bayer
8-Bit Mono
8-Bit Bayer
21 x 29 x 44 mm
46 g

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