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Precision backlighting for critical, high-pressure washdown applications

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Robust design to prevent food, dust and other debris from adhereing to surface


Built to withstand everything from prolonged liquid immersion, high-pressure steam cleaning and corrosive washdown solutions, the smooth-bodied lights are virtually crevice-free and have no bolts allowing no chance of food, dust or other debris being caught on the surface. These advantages make the UltraSeal lights ideal for food and beverage applications.

The lights will withstand rigorous washdown procedures from high-pressure water jets and from steam and certified with IP69K rating. Additionally, the lights’ proprietary nickel finish is more resistant to corrosion than is stainless stead, the lights withstanding common caustic solutions used to sterilise production environments. The units are protected against water and dust ingress and come with a 5-year warranty.

The size, shape and wavelength of the LED pads can be changed to suit the application adding flexibility and cost-savings to the deployment.

Advanced Illumination UltraSeal Washdown lights are sealed, smooth, and durable enough to handle the most intense applications. The UltraSeal waterproof housing and unique engineering enables users to wash the lights completely free of food, dust, dirt, and other debris.

The UltraSeal backlight can be ordered in variable sizes in 1" increments from @" to 12". Sizes greater than 12" x 12" are available on order.

IP69K Certified
• BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Lights have gone through a strict certification process to ensure a make up that can't be penetrated by dust and liquids in high-pressure washdown environments.

Compact & Flush Design
• With a thickness of less than an inch, the UltraSeal housing and cord grip are smooth-bodied, providing a virtually crevice-free design.

Ideal for food & beverage
• The UltraSeal proprietary nickel finish is FDA-Compliant and resistant to corrosion, protecting against common caustic solutions often used in food and beverage applications. Suitable for use in “Non-Product” and up to “Splash” zones of food and beverage production.






Application Challenges & UltraSeal Benefits:  
Challenges: Benefits:  

Bottle inspection processes:

Common cleaning solutions including caustic sodas and antibacterial detergents increase risk of corrosion on backlights.
The proprietary nickel finish of BL245 is highly non corrosive, protecting against common caustic detergents.

Food Applications:

Maintaining a sterile work environment can be difficult when sticky substances accumulate within backlight cracks and crevices.
UltraSeal's crevice-free design and IP69K rating allow for easy cleaning and diminished chance of material buildup.
High temp environments:
Machine vision lights with poor thermal properties can overheat and therefore decrease LED lifespan and affect light intensity.
Built with a coated aluminum housing, the UltraSeal washdown lights are 11X more thermally conducive than stainless steel.
Normal operating temperature
4" x 8" unit - 635g
Cable Information
2 meters long (80") - 105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain
Photo biological Risk Factor
Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 880. Group 1 (Low Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 470, 520, 660, WHI
CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating
IP69K Certified

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