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Spectral sensors for handheld use.

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NIR spectral sensor: a disruptive technology
Bluetooth-enabled, portable, powerful: for materials sensing


Are you ready for Industry 4.0?
Optimize performance, increase uptime, and create innovative manufacturing

Increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products and improve processes

The biggest revolution since running water and electricity. Next-generation technologies for security, convenience

Take the lab on-site, receive accurate data and analyse while still in the field. Add bluetooth and send to the Cloud

The NirONE sensor:
world's smartest, most agile materials-scanning tools bring powerful spectroscopic technology to within everyone's reach
Optimized for high-volume production of consumer applications and handheld material analyzing devices and perfect for a wide range of applications,
the NirONE Sensor, imaging in the true infra-red range, is one of the smallest NIR spectrometers available on the market today.

A handful of powerful capability at an affordable cost
Boasting a range of firsts, including Intelligent Cloud connectivity via your mobile phone for fast analysis on the Cloud, the NirONE sensor family of products provides true infra-red, smart micro-spectrometers for use in handheld and inline applications. Optimised for consumer or prosumer applications, single connection plug-and-play makes connection to PC via USB seamless and easy-to-use both for consumer use or for integration by OEMs.

Or, add a battery and bluetooth board; put it in your pocket and take it with you on the road.

Why a NirONE sensor might be the perfect solution for your application
Its size and portability
One of the world's smallest sensors, NirONE's tiny size is valuable especially when designing personalised, oddly-shaped portable materials-sensing products or process applications and where many other NIR measurement technologies are simply too big to be practical. Carry its 15 grams with you, in your palm.

Its price
Responding to the market need for a low-cost product, NirONE sensors' design is based on a single photodetector making their production much cheaper than traditional linear array spectrometers. This design aspect, together with their capacity for mass production, makes this sensor a perfect choice for an emerging, high-volume consumer market.

Its efficiency
NirONE sensors image at the true NIR spectral range of 1100 - 2450 nm providing better sensitivity and specificity in a number of materials-sensing applications. Also, high optical throughput is achieved via the single detector which collects light much more efficiently than does the more commonly-used linear array technology. This in turn, enables a very high signal-to-noise ratio, typically 2-3 times higher than more expensive spectrometers. Being fully-programmable, the NirONE sensor's performance can be optimised to suit a particular application.

Its durability and robustness
Problems related to temperature variations, vibration or mechanical shocks are minimised due to NirONE's lack of moving parts. Fast and accurate measurements in even the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications are enabled by Spectral Engine's patented technology. The life of a NirONE sensor has been estimated to be more than 10 years while the estimated life of its light source is more than 40 000 hours.

Its modularity
Of particular benefit to OEMs is the ability to evaluate and integrate various material sensing devices into one system easily. The NirONE sensor combines its numerous features into a compact module making the task of fitting it into most designs simpler and quicker. The simple integration of optics, mechanics, electronics and software into a single NIROne device significantly reduces development costs and time-to-market.

Its portability and connectivity
Portability and connectivity, combined with an affordable price point, expand the opportunities for NIR spectroscopy in out-of-lab applications for a range of industries including, counterfeit detection in pharmaceuticals and food processing, fast narcotics screening of street samples, raw material identification, agricultural applications such as soil analysis or early disease detection, contaminant detection for food safety and more ......

Typical applications: 
Smart Industry: improved process control
Smart Farming: Improved production
Smart Homes: improved convenience
Safety and Security
Cloud connectivity
Advanced machine learning capability
Raw material inspection
Optimsed process control
Measuring material content
Energy saving and waste reduction
Real-time Quality monitoring
Digitised production management
Predictive maintenance
Remote IoT maintenance

Cloud connectivity
Real-time information to farmers
Improved yield
Grain and milk quality
Soil analysis and optimised fertilisation
Animal feeding optimisation
Harvesting optimisation

Cloud connectivity
Monitor connected home device: security, lighting
Optimised pet feeding
Plant health and soil monitoring
Nutritional analysis: optimised eating/diet

Cloud connectivity
Food safety: domestic and commercial
Pharmaceutical composition analysis
Forensics: narcotics, explosives detection
Counterfeit detection

Key benefits - Portability, Cloud connectivity, and more
• True infra-red smart micro-spectrometers
• Bluetooth-enabled
• Fast, non-destructive and non-contact, in-field measurements
Intelligent Cloud connectivity via mobile phone

• Colour detection with integrated RGB colour sensor

• Modular, cost-effective, portable design
• Versatile: For in-line and hand-held applications
• Fast analysis via Cloud-based access to spectral signature libraries
• Single connection plug-and-play via USB
• Easy to upgrade libraries via cloud-based tools
• Laboratory-instrument performance in a hand-sized device
• Machine learning capability
Quick specs
NirONE Sensor S NirONE Sensor X
1.10 - 2.45 µm
1.55 – 1.95 µm (X2.0)
Wavelength resolution
12 - 28 nm
Colour sensor
RGB TCS34725 color sensor
Detector type - S1.4 model
Single element InGaAs
Detector active area
250 um (diam.)
Detector type - S1.7 - 2.5 models
Single element extended InGaAs
Measurement spot
ca 1.3 mm
2 tungsten vacuum lamps; > 40 000 hrs
Communication bus
Typically 5000, averaging 100, w/length step of 5 nm, acquisition time 290 ms
25 x 25 x 17.5 mm. Weight 15 g
16 mm x 32 mm x 35 mm
Read more about the portable NirONE Sensor S Read more about the Nirone Sensor X







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