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Phantom VEO 1010 and VEO 1310 high-speed cameras

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Phantom VEO 1010 and VEO 1310 camera models

Phantom VEO 1010:
The VEO 1010 features the highest light sensitivity in the VEO product line and captures images at 10 Gpx/s. It is available in both L (light) and S (full) body styles, meeting the needs of any research environment.

The 1010 offers binning mode which allows end users to boost frame rates at resolutions of 640 x 480 and under. The custom 1.2 megapixel sensor provides more resolution than most 1 megapixel high-speed cameras, resulting in a greater active pixel area which allows you to capture vertical and side-to-side movement.

The Phantom VEO 1010 runs at a full resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels at 8,420 fps. By reducing its resolution it can run at frame rates over 328, 000 fps.

Phantom VEO 1310:
The Phantom VEO 1310 captures images at 13 Gpx/s throughput, faster than any other VEO model. It also performs with increased image quality, minimal noise and high light sensitivity.

The VEO 1310 sensor has 1280 x 960 pixels and runs at 10,860 fps. With binning mode on it performs with a 25% increase of frame rate and sensitivity. At minimum resolution it runs at 423,300 fps.

Both Models:
All VEO cameras are available in monochrome or colour, up to 72GB RAM, with a variety of lens mounts and offer a housing base comprised of aluminum with sealed coPhantom VEO family for ultra slow motionmponents to ensure the camera will perform in harsh outdoor environments. The Phantom VEO 1310 and VEO 1010 deliver flexibility with interchangeable lens mounts: Nikon F, PL, C and Canon EF (with electronic control).

The Phantom VEO cameras are designed to work well in a wide range of applications. The rugged body and custom sensor provides superior imaging quality that Phantom cameras are typically known for. These cameras can be found in science laboratories, outdoor areas, and on film production set

Key Features:
- Binning Mode - 25% frame rate boost at 640 x 480 and below
- SDI and HDMI video outputs
- An S-Model that includes: CFast 2.0 media, 12V battery input, on-camera controls
- Programmable I/O - assign and define camera signals
- 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity Option

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Quick Specifications
VEO 1010
VEO 1310
Frame rate
8,420 (full resolution)
10,860 (full resolution)
1280 x 960
Pixel Size
Gigabit Standard, 10Gb Optional
Sensor size
23 mm x 17.3 mm

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