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Sapera Architect Plus
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Sapera Architect Plus Vision Software


Sapera Architect Plus is a rapid prototyping and evaluation platform for Sapera Vision Software and comes bundled with the image acquisition, processing and analysis of Sapera Essential and the advanced hardware accelerated libraries of Sapera Nitrous.

Sapera Architect Plus offers not only the conventional programming concepts and techniques; it also includes standard debugging and reporting tools to facilitate algorithm development and performance fine-tuning. These techniques include breakpoints, single step program execution, stepping in or stepping over subroutines, watch. In addition, Sapera Architect Plus supports a broad set of data types and constructs to facilitate algorithm prototyping.

The graphical user interface offers functions to control and direct the program flow with iterative loops and conditional branching. Convention conditional branching operators like IF(), IF/ELSE() and loops like FOR(), WHILE() are supported.

Summary of key features
** Prototype Vision Algorithms without writing a single line of code
** Intuitive graphical environment to capture user algorithms
** Access to 400+ image processing and analysis functions
** Support for line and area scan, colour/monochrome cameras with GigE Vision, Camera Link, LVDS and Analog interfaces
** Prototyping with live image acquisition, processing and analysis
** Complete set of structured programming tools and concepts
** Support for iterative programming loops and conditional branching operators
** Support 32/641-bit platforms for Windows 7, XP and Vista

Sapera Architect Data sheet


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