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Sapera Essential
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As the core development platform within Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera Vision Software family, Sapera Essential bundles image acquisition and control with image processing tools to provide developers with the critical functionality to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision systems - all offered via quick and easy access.

Sapera Essential has the ability to grab images from wide range of area and line scan colour and monochrome camera. In addition, it supports image acquisition from standard format cameras like GigE Vision, Camera Link, analog, and LVDS. The acquired images can be displayed with non-destructive overlaid graphical annotations.

Sapera Essential includes a powerful frame grabber configuration and camera setup utility plus a suite of image processing tools.

Comprehensive hardware support is provided as a value-add platform within, Sapera Essential which supports Teledyne DALSA cameras and frame grabbers as well as hundreds of 3rd-party camera models across all common interfaces formats like GigE Vision and Camera Link as well as emerging new image acquisition standards. Sapera Vision Software offers royalty free run-time licenses for select image processing functions when combined with Teledyne DALSA hardware products.

Selection of key features
** Cost effective packaging combines powerful image acquisition, processing and analysis functions
** Delivers maximum performance using MMX, SSE and SSE2 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platform
** Incorporates Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensuring reliability of the image acquisition process
** Hardware independence for maximum flexibility
** High-level C++ classes and .NET™ support to simplify application development on Windows 7, XP and Vista platforms
** Application specific tools perform Search, OCR, 1D/2D Barcode decoding, Colour, Blob analysis and Measurement tasks
** Modular components help reduce application footprint and deployment costs
Other features
Selection of processing tools including:
** Pattern-finding search Quickly and accurately recognises multiple objects and patterns regardless of orientation or scale
** OCR Supports solid and dot-matrix fonts. Can be trained on user fonts. Optimised for speed/accuracy
** 1D and 2D barcodes Designed to operate on degraded and poorly-illiminated images. Performs faster than laser scanner
** Calibration Compensates for distortions caused by lens, positioning or other arbitrary distortion
** Colour tool Delivers speed, accuracy and flexibility to applications requiring colour inspection.
** Blob analysis Allows the separation of objects in a scene from the background
** Measurement tool A video metrology tool for machine vision inspection applications involving measurement for positioning, identification and guidance
** Image processing libraries Image Processing Libraries A series of highly optimized basic image processing functions, including: filtering, geometry, measurement, morphology, point-to-point, segmentation, transform operations and sub-pixel edge detection.

For a comprehensive tabling of Sapera Essential's features, please download the brochure (6.5MB) from the link below

Sapera Essential Data sheet (6.5 MB)


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