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Image Pro Insight
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Capture, process, measure and analyse, report and share images quickly and easily.


Image-Pro Insight software offers an intelligent, wide range of tools for basic image capture, Live Tiling and Live EDF [Extended Depth of Field], live measurements, manual measurements, filters and enhancements, reporting and more.

Unlike most imaging systems, which require extensive training, Image-Pro Insight is designed for quick startup and ease of use and users can take advantage of a series of short 3-5 minute tutorials to get on board, quickly.

Ease of Capture
Capturing high-quality single-frame or time-lapse images is made easy with a range of acquisition tools. Image-Pro Insight supports an ever-growing list of scientific cameras along with TWAIN acquisition to ensure a superior out-of-the-box capture experience.
* Use crosshair overlays to compare and align
* Capture large images with Live Tiling
* Acquire focused images with Live EDF

Before capture with Live EDF

After capture with Live EDF

Processing and enhancing
Implement sophisticated image processing and enhancement functions with two clicks or less. Image-Pro Insight offers a wide range of tools that make it easy to analyze and reveal important details within your images.
* Interactive Line Profiles: Add multiple line profiles to live or captured images
* Extract and merge colour channels:
* One-click composite: to select a colour tint
* Correct for noise and enhance details with filters
* View and edit time-lapse images in Gallery view
Build composite colour images via a right click on each grayscale image
Easily combine and separate images into RGB, HSI, and HSL color channels.
Navigate through time-lapse and image sequence files

Measuring and analysing
Extract accurate data from images with a wide range of manual and semi-automated measurement tools.
* Apply measurements - distances, angles and more - to Live images
* Measure with accuracy using the magnetic snap measurements tool
* Classify measurements
* Apply caliper measurements - measure from peak-to-peak, origin-to-peak, peak-to-valley and more
* Export data
Draw with the line tool and the measurement will accurately snap along object edges
Use different colors, shapes, and custom names to classify and organize your measurement data
Easily export measurements and data graphs to Excel for further analysis

Report and Share
Use one-click tools to export images, measurements, and annotations to Microsoft Excel as well as to popular presentation programs like PDF, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint

Life-science applications
Anatomy/dental research Animal behaviour Cell biology Entomology
Fluorescence imaging Food science Marine/Plant Biology Pathology
Industrial applications      
Automotive manufacturing Ceramics Coatings and corrosion Failure analysis
Forensic analysis Geology Material science Pharmaceuticals
Polymers Semiconductor inspection Trace evidence Quality control

Image-Pro Insight data sheet





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