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Product range    
Camera enclosures and mounting blocks Illumination adapters and mounting arms Mounting adapters and adjustment brackets
Laboratory equipment Complete solutions for common applications  

AutoVimation manufactures enclosures that simplify installation and protect cameras from adverse conditions including heat, dust, water and user-interference. Autovimation through Adept Turnkey supply complete, ready-to-install housing solutions for cameras and light fittings. Their products enable easy integration of special lenses, filters, light barriers, encoders, or other sensors.

Established in 2008, AutoVimation was founded to provide solutions for easier installation and adjustment of image processing components. They have developed a modular construction kit that simplifies the assembly of cameras, lights and accessories, effectively doing away with the costly and time consuming manufacturing of dedicated mounting brackets.

Each component is fitted with a mechanical adapter (MMVI Interface) and is simply mounted and adjusted using the autoVimation‘s construction kit.

The product range includes compact, easy-to-integrate housings which provide optimal protection for cameras and lenses in industrial applications and ensure good heat dissipation.

autoVimation‘s product range also includes complete scalable set-ups for common applications like laser triangulation, parts measurement and solar cell wafer inspection.

Applications include machine vision projects in the pharmaceutical and food industries, measuring technology, quality control, and security technology.

Camera enclosures
Model Camera size Enclosure length - overall Lens Protection
Salamander up to 40 x 40 mm cross section S - 171mm; M - 203mm; L - 233mm. Special lengths available up to 55mm IP66 and IP67
Feuersalamander up to 40 x 40 mm cross section S - 110mm; M/MS (side entry) 160 mm; L - 210 mm up to 55mm IP67 Stainless steel
Orca up to 62 x 62 mm cross section Overall/internal length: S - 176/130; M 226/180; L 296/250 mm up to 85mm IP66 and IP67

Mounting blocks
All AutoVimation enclosures attach to a machine frame with one of 11 mounting kits.

Mounting kits consist of at least two parts
- an adapter plate that can be mounted directly to T- Slot profiles or a machine frames

- one or several mounting brackets to meet all adjustment requirements

Depending on the application, most of the mounting adapters and brackets may need to be combined. Adept Turnkey engineers can advise on a suitable configuration for your requirements.



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