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Orca industrial camera enclosures
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IP67-level enclosure protection for large cameras
Manufactured from robust anodised aluminium, Orca housings provide IP67-level protection for large cameras with cross sections up to 62 x 62 mm.

With a small form factor and available in three lengths up to 250mm, the enclosures are suited for all environments where components can't be freely mounted and provide, for example, stable, weather-resistant accessories for equipment such as 3D scanners.

Designed with a choice of either 2" or 3" front windows, the Orca enclosures enable the mounting of ring lights with diameters up to 78mm. Additionally, the 3" front window can accommodate wide-angle or telecentric lenses.

Special requirements
Users can select special solutions for specific requirements, for example, there are models available for fisheye or panamorph lenses with an image angle of up to 200° which is equipped with a dome window. Orca enclosures for thermal imaging cameras featuring a 2” or 3” infrared transparent Germanium window are also available. Mounting brackets for large cameras can also be provided

Camera mounting
Orca camera mounting blocks are available in 80mm lengths.

Internally, a flexible mounting position within the enclosure enables installation of the camera at any angle and in any positron and using autoVimation's construction kit, assembling and adjustment of all vision components on any machine frame to the user's exact requirements are possible. The use of autoVimation's construction kit simplifies assembly and adjustment of all components including those used in 3D applications by using the triangulation building kit.

Rear wall options
Options include various back walls that can be fitted with large cable glands.

Protecting against environmental influences`
Heat dissipation and control
Whereas other camera enclosures might increase camera temperature, due to good thermal conductivity to the outer enclosure, a valuable benefit of Autovimation enclosures is their patented heat-dissipation feature with the ability to passively cool the cameras up to 10°. Alternatively, for outdoor applications where cameras are required to operate in extremely low temperatures, the enclosures can be fitted with a controlled heating system that keeps the camera at a minimum of 10 °C and so preventing camera damage.
Dust control
An air curtain can be mounted to the front lid of Orca enclosures with a 2” front window providing a clear view even in dusty environments.

Special features
• Robust build aluminium extrusion profile • Small form factor
• Easy to integrate into existing machines • Flexible camera positioning (angle and position)
• Dovetail profiles enable robust enclosure mounting on all 4 sides along the entire profile • Mounting brackets resist a displacement force of up to 3000N!
• Assembly of ring lights with up to 78mm Ø directly into 3" front lid possible • Compatible with a large range of accessories
• High chemical resistance by using Viton, EPDM and TPE sealing materials • Vibration-proof camera mounting with good heat dissipation via a patented mounting system.

• Mounting kits 1-11 • Wind curtain and air nozzle Orca for dirty environments • Water cooling and heating
• 90 degrees deflection mirror mount • Adapter plate for 3" ring light in housing lid • Electric heating plate with temperature control
• Positioning ring , allowing for repeatable camera assembly • Triangulation building kit  

90 ° deflection mirror
Wind curtain
Rear wall options
Front window options
Adapter plate for ring light mount

Orca data sheet

Camera enclosures and mounting blocks data sheet




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