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TS6B shutter
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Suitable for laser systems
The Uniblitz TS6B is a 6mm, single-blade, bi-stable laser shutter with an extremely low-profile construction and the device’s lack of an external protruding actuator makes it very slim and flexible for system integration. The shutter has no other interfering parts.

Precision exposure control and laser switching are processes that benefit from the precise, repeatable characteristics of the TS6B.

Having only two moving parts enhances its reliability and, in conjunction with its bi-stable operation, when using the ED120SS+12VDC driver, provides the most reliable devise currently available.

The shutter's central aperture size of 6mm can also be scaled for alternative aperture sizes to tailor the device for custom applications.

Bi-stable shutter devices, like the TS6B, require no power to hold the blades in either the open or closed state, power being required only to change the state of the device.

Key features
Single-blade design   Transfer time on opening 1.7 milliseconds
Increased stability through reduced moving parts   Total opening time 3.1 milliseconds
Machined flat surfaces for easy mounting and integration   Max. opening bounce 5%
Extremely low-profile form-factor   Max. closing bounce 5%
Reflective blades available for high-energy light sources   Max. frequency of operation 15.0 Hz / 45.0 Hz
Alternative blade material available for custom applications   Number of blades 1
Low power requirements   Weight 4.70 g
    Operating temperature -10 - +65 °C

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