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The CCS-5 is a self contained shutter driver utilizing capacitive discharge control at +24VDC to operate Vincent UNIBLITZ shutters.

The unit operates from a +24VDC external power supply (not included). The CCS-5 can be easily integrated into OEM applications which have this supply voltage available. The unit includes an opto-isolator trigger input to optically isolate the shutter drive circuitry from the user supplied exposure control trigger signals.

For applications where space is at a premium, the CCS-5 can be mounted directly to the VS14 or VS25 shutter mechanism providing an integrated shutter/driver system.

Supplying a TTL (5V) logic level to the trigger input (direct or isolated) or connecting a mechanical or electronic switch between the trigger input and the +4.0VDC output is all that is required to control the CCS-5.

  • Innovative drive circuitry utilizes capacitive discharge control of UNIBLITZ shutters at +24VDC.
  • Open frame printed circuit card suitable for OEM applications.
  • Power input: +24VDC at 1.5A - user provided.
  • .025 inch square post connections.
  • Easily interfaces with electronic synchronization system.
  • Direct or opto-isolated input control.
  • Output provided for electronic synchronization system.
  • Mating 7-pin IDC connectors supplied.
  • Unit can be mounted directly to unhoused VS14 or VS25 shutter mechanism.
  • Exposure determined by external pulse source.
  • Size (HWD) 1.1 or .9 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches (2.54 x 8.12 x 10.1 cm.)
  • Weight 1.6 oz. (.05 Kg.)



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