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The VMM-D4 is a four-channel shutter driver capable of controlling up to four Vincent shutters independently. The compact design puts four individual shutter drivers in a single streamlined system. Active high-level logic inputs allow independent shutter control, while one single input will activate all channels simultaneously. Active low-level logic outputs are available to monitor the status of each individual synchronization system output. One single output is available to monitor when all shutter synchronization system circuits are active.


  • Four channel shutter driver capable of driving up to four UNIBLITZ shutters independently.
  • Four independent inputs to allow individual shutter control.
  • One input to open four shutters simultaneously.
  • Four independent outputs to monitor the individual synchronization output of each shutter.
  • One output to monitor when all individual sync outputs are active.
  • Manual open/close switch for each channel. Allows normally open shutter operation.
  • Energy select slide switch - allows selection of additionally pulse energy necessary when operating the VS35 or larger apertures.
  • Exposure determined by external pulse, or switch contact closure.
  • Four standard 710C 10ft. shutter interconnect cable included one for each channel.
  • Separate fuse for each shutter channel.
  • Black aluminum enclosure.
  • Power input 115/230VAC - 3 prong IEC type connector. Manual switching as required.
  • Size (HWD) 2.60x5.50x8.00 inches (6.6 x 13.9 x 20.3 cm.)
  • Weight 4.5 lbs. (2.05 Kg)




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